Saturday, October 19, 2019


I'm having trouble deciding what to do next.

Start a new quilt with fabric from the stash using this lovely layer cake or  . . .

Make the scrap quilt that caught my eye  and use the stash of random fat quarters I've collected or . . . 

Start quilting that pile of finished tops that are waiting for some attention or . . . 

Make a cup of tea while I think about it. It's important not to rush these decisions.

Monday, October 7, 2019



You might remember me from previous blog posts although it was some time ago.

Not much to show for the last four months, I'm afraid but yesterday the sewing bug bit and I went back to working on my pretty floral quilt.

Just two more sides to add and I'll have a finished top. Maybe. I still might add another border that can be trimmed to straighten up the quilt after quilting.

I also folded all the leftover pieces which constitutes tidying up - which qualifies as housework*. 

*that's my story and I'm sticking to it

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I am determined to use as much of the fabric as I can, including the offcuts from the star blocks.

These blocks and others I've made will be used in the border. We had a long weekend so I had plenty of sewing time. Let's not discuss the housework that may or may not have been done.

I know this fabric style isn't fashionable anymore but I'm lovin' it! Hope you managed to squeeze some sewing or crafting into your weekend.

Saturday, June 1, 2019


They are not called The Snowy Mountains for nothing
The ski season here in Australia started early when 40-50cm of snow fell on the mountains this week. I live a long, long way away from this winter wonderland but the cold winds blow all the way to Sydney.

Which means I get to wear my coats and scarves and gloves! For the morning at least.

After a couple of hectic weeks, I managed to organise some time in the sewing room which needed a serious tidy before any real stitching could begin.

When I resized the original Miss Rosie pattern, I miscalculated a wee bit and soon began to realise that the original 36in quilt was going to be around 100 and something inches. Yikes!

So I've split the project into two quilts. I even have a name chosen for this one. Not tellin' yet.

Saturday, May 11, 2019


I think there is enough fabric here to make twenty-five quilts but for now I'm just making one.

There are a couple of fabric lines here - Sachet Potpourri by Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics (2009), some Lecien and random fat quarters.

I am loosely following a discontinued Miss Rosie Schnibbles pattern which I have resized. Schnibbles are about 32-36 inches I think.

I wasn't going to make floating stars at first but I'm glad I changed my mind.

I have been looking at blogs where the quilt maker is using pieced backs - with lots of pieces and I know some of my APQ blogging buddies do this too. I think I'll be doing that here just so I can use all this fabric.