Sunday, March 25, 2018


Started by Jan-Maree after an Australian soldier, serving in Germany, was given a quilt by the Americans.

She felt that we could do better and she has. Even after her house burnt to the ground.

The project makes quilts and laundry bags (plus other goodies you can include) for Australia Defence Personnel on serving overseas.

Thousands of bags and quilts have been made so far.

I decided to contribute and made a quilt from a jelly roll and fabric found at Spotlight. Both have posted and are on their way.

the badge (left) is the Regimental badge; the label is specified by Aussie Hero Quilts
Apologies for the ordinary photos as I was rushing to get this in the post.

He's a Corporal in the Royal Australian Army

Thanks Dad, you are an awesome quilt holder - no shoes!

 A bright laundry bag
Last post I bemoaned the throat space on the Janome - a paltry 4.5 inches! Apart from the trials quilting this, I really enjoyed making these for the Corporal and I thank him and his comrades for their service.

It was such a good feeling to finish a project. It's been so long I'd forgotten the feeling! It has spurred me on to work on the other UFOs in the pile.

I hope your weekend had some sewing time.


Monday, March 12, 2018


. . . aaaaaanndd we're back.

Sorry about that. I got sick and then busy and then sick again and then it was suddenly March.

I know I said I was working exclusively on the EPP project but those darn squirrels at Katiemaytoo's and Canuck Quilter's found their way Down Under and set up camp at my place.

I'm working on the Aussie Heroes quilt because there's a deadline and I'm rubbish at deadlines.

So, just some random quilting because pushing this much quilt through the ludicrously small throat space on my Janome QC6260 is stress-inducing. This model is supposedly a Quilter's Special. Yeah right.

To be fair it was a gift and I was most grateful. It sews like a dream. You just can't quilt anything larger than a mug rug on it.

Just the binding and the label to finish next weekend.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Well, you were warned that this project would be on repeat for a while yet.

It's actually starting to look like a quilt and the inter-webs have been scoured for ways of straightening the edges - from stitching specially designed pieces to cutting bits off.

No decisions made yet but I happened upon some bargains at Penrith Patchwork.

The dark blue print is backing fabric from the sale bin; the white/red/blue print was heavily discounted if you bought what was left on the bolt; and the lighter blue is a wee bit of William Morris. 

These should finish the project nicely.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


2009 Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks
Reproduced with kind permission of
Sydney is the first big city to celebrate the new year with not one, but two, rather spectacular fireworks displays on Sydney Harbour. The foreshores are already jam-packed with revellers with the first display at 9.00pm tonight.

However you celebrate the changing of the year, I wish you all peace and happiness for 2018.

Just read Love's post and besides her stunning collection of Christmas decorations and displays, she remarked on all the projects not completed this year. You're in good company Love as I am in much the same boat. Guess you and I need to paddle a little faster in 2018!

After Christmas, I enjoyed some quiet days and was inspired to reconnect with a project started in 2012, on which I have worked sporadically. Once again, I thank Gail from Gail's Place whose recent post rekindled interest in my English Paper Piecing project.

One of the downsides to not having a pattern to follow is that there is no picture of the finished project to aim for; no image to keep you on track. For a long time this project sat in limbo but the addition of half a dozen blocks and it's starting to look like something.

Okay, perhaps not so much in this photo but trust me, it's starting to look like a proper quilt.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Merry Christmas to All

This has been quite a year and once again, work commitments ate into sewing time.  So I've got quite a few projects to finish in 2018.

Prepare yourselves for lots of boring posts of quilts under the machine foot!

At least I got the Christmas tree up this year - a new 7ft pre-lit job. Simple decorations. It makes me smile everything I flick the switch.

I planned to at least finish the top of the RSC 2017 Challenge Quilt - didn't quite make it.

Another border of background fabric (the creamy/white) and a scrappy binding so not too far off. I really enjoyed making this quilt and participating in the Challenge. 

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and lots of  sewing in the year ahead.