Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Bag Tutorial - Part 3

Making the Lining and Finishing the Bag

Click on the image to see a larger version. All seams are 1/4 inch unless otherwise stated.

For the lining take two pieces of fabric 20 inches by 22 inches and pin with right sides together. On one long side measure down six inches from the top and mark with tailors chalk, pencil or a flower head pin. Measure a further four inches and mark/pin again.

Stitch around the sides leaving the opening and top free. Backstitch well at the side opening to give it strength. Pin the lining to the bag right sides together. Stitch a half inch seam all the way around the top edge.

Carerfully pull the bag through the opening.

Push the lining inside the bag and gently press the top. Topstitch 3/8 inch from the top edge to stop the lining from rolling out.

Sew a decorative button to the opposite side of the loop for the closure.

All finished!

Happy Stitching.



  1. Great bag Ann and great tutorial...thank you. I am going to make this one day...after Christmas sometime.Enjoy your Christmas bag...Dzintra

  2. I think Santa will definitely come and fill your pretty Christmas bag - how could he refuse!! :o)

  3. Ann, your bag is very cute!

    When I was teaching the basket class (which has the same technique for the lining), one of the guild members suggested tacking the corners of the lining to the corners of the bag, to help keep the lining in place.


  4. HI Ann
    I love this bag pattern and I will make it over the holidays, thankyou for putting up the tutorial, you make it look so easy.
    Have a wonderful christmas ,
    Love Leanne

  5. This looks just great - I am also a big Deborah Mum fan - love the material.


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