Sunday, September 20, 2009

OPAM Finish - September

After not finishing anything last month I thought I should make the effort and finish two things for September.  This is a sewing machine cover and I am rather pleased with the final result.

I'm also going to count the little bag I made for the Friendship Bag Swap. I'll be posting this swag of goodies tomorrow. I'm not allowed to reveal the secret identity of my swap partner but I think I can safely say she is in Europe.

Happy Stitching


  1. I love, love the machine cover. It looks great. And the friendship package is amazing. You have a very lucky swap partner.

  2. OOOhhhh... That looks like a great package! Love the sewing machine cover- the colors are wonderful!

  3. ooOOoooh Im in Europe and Im in the swap!!!!!! Love the sewing machine cover, I've just got a plastic one and yours looks so much nicer.
    Karen xxx

  4. I love your plaid sewing machine cover! I've never had one for mine. I should at least make one for my serger (as I don't use that as much). Your swap gift is awesome!

  5. What a lovely sewing machine cover. Which machine is that for? I also love the package of goodies that you will be sending.

  6. I love that sewing machine cover. How clever. And your swap items are too cute. I'm sure she'll be thrilled.

  7. Love the machine cover, I've been thinking I should make one, now I'm inspired!

  8. With a Polly Woffle too?!! Man, I haven't had one of those in years (tend to go for the Boost bars these days!!)

    The sewing machine cover looks triffic!

  9. Great sewing machine the Log Cabin...I'd really like to make a Log Cabin Quilt one day!!! A great swag of goodies for your parnter too...Dzintra♥x

  10. I love your machine cover, how clever!
    Do Scandinavia count in Europe?
    I agree withe Ariane: You have a very lucky swap partner!

  11. Oh yes, just love your machine cover - looks great. Your swap goodies also look awesome - am sure the recipient will be delighted. Very exciting receiving gifts in the mail.

  12. I love the cover. It is really beautiful and of course meaningful for a quilter.
    You have a very lucky swap partner!

  13. I love it!congratulations. hugs

  14. Ann,
    I love your sewing machine cover.
    The colors you chose are perfect for the Log Cabin pattern. Log Cabin is one of my favorite patterns. You have done a great job. Makes me want to make one for my machine.

  15. Hello Ladies!
    I´m the lucky one, the secret swap partner, that received the great, super, Friendship bag and goodies and I´m in Europe, yes, in the most western part of it:
    Lisbon - Portugal!
    I must have done something good! to deserve such a gift!
    Thank you Ann


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