Friday, April 16, 2010


Nope that's not some secret code but knitting shorthand.

Okay, maybe knitters do have a secret code - either way I picked up the needles after a very long time to make a simple scarf from some terrific yarn.

I wouldn't mind buying a copy of Loani Prior's new book Really Wild Tea Cosies. I love the designs.

My bloggy friend Phyllis spins some beautiful yarn and sells it on her Etsy site.

I'm hoping to visit the Fairholme Quilters Exhibition this weekend. They are a very talented group who make fantastic quilts.

Last, but not least, I have chosen a design for my Simple Abundance layer cake. More about that soon.

Have a terrific weekend!



  1. The scarf looks great, love the pretty colors and the fuzzy look. That looks like fun! I tried knitting when I was young. The most I made were some rectangles that when you stitched up both ends became slippers. Knitting was too tedious and it didn't look like I was making much progress for all the time I spent. I need projects that finish faster or are in bigger pieces that go together faster I guess. Anyway, no matter what I try I always come back to sewing and fabric.

    The tea cozy book looks like lots of fun, too. The one on the cover makes me think of a clown.

    Have fun at the quilt exhibition! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with the layer cake!

  2. I forgot to say - love your scarf!

  3. I love all the mad tea cosy patterns around! I was thinking of starting a collection although I don't even own a teapot!

  4. Oh that scarf looks cozy! That tea cosy is so fun! I wish I liked tea to use my tea pots, but I'll just have to admire from a far. Happy Weekend! :) Christine

  5. I used to do a little knitting. My mom was the knitter-she made beautiful fishermans sweaters with all the cables and designs.

  6. What a great looking book Ann!!! You will have lots of fun with that...Enjoy the exhibition and have a great weekend...Dzintra♥x

  7. The yarn is lovely! You'll be happy you have the scarf for fall weather - can't wait to see it!

  8. Knitting and crocheting are two 'languages' I'll never learn, but I love to see the results of both. Your scarf is lovely, but doesn't look very simple to me! I'm sure you will enjoy the quilt show; take lots of pictures. ---"Love"

  9. Love the looks "caterpilleryish"...very cute;) I would love to have that tea cozy on the cover;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  10. Good luck with the scarf carr't wait to see it finished, sounds intresting design( yes I can understand Knitting code abit). The book looks like alot of fun too.
    Hugs Bce

  11. Fab yarn , the scarf looks so cute. A new yarn shop just opened up right near my house. Great yarn and the colors are so pretty.
    The Tea cozy book looks like fun.
    Hope you get to the quilter's exhibition.

  12. The scarf is great. The bad thing is those wonderful yarns inspire us to buy as much as we do in fabric LOL. Love the tea cozy book too. What fun.

  13. Hi Ann, very cool scarf! I love the color mix to wear with an assortment of different color tops. It would be fun to learn to knit, but I'm still learning quilting. That sure is a wild tea pot cosy, but it sure looks like it would do a good job keeping it warm. I am certainly looking forward to your Iced Latte pictures! How exciting!

  14. I know that I'm a couple of days late, but did you get to go? Looks like fun!

    The yarn looks absolutely yummy, but I gave up knitting years ago. Guess I'm like Marsha and need faster results. Ha!

    Too bad so many of us are coffee drinkers in the states--that tea cozy is just too cute. Could be a decoration or a conversation piece? Mary

  15. Ooo! I have her first book 'Wild Tea Cosies', I even started making one but got stuck on the crochet roses. This one looks really good too!

    Hope you got to the quilt exhibition. Didn't we have glorious weather on the weekend?

  16. Love that tea cosy pattern, what a conversation starter.

  17. Hi Ann, thanks for the nice comments on the quilt and quilting idea. I've decided to quilt the quilt on the diagonal. I'm not at all good at stippling, so this will be very simple. Although I would love to put a star in each of the corners.

    I love the yarn. Infact, I just bought some in black. I just picked my knitting needles up again about 6 months ago. I've only made a couple of scarfs, but it was fun. The tea Cozy pattern looks great. Also lots of fun. Sorry, this is late as I can only get to the computer when it's not in use. Hope you enjoyed the quilt show. Connie204

  18. The scarf is just wonderful, and that book looks like it will be great fun!

  19. I love it, Ann. I'm so glad that you have returned to knitting. Let's hope the pain does not return also.
    Thank you for the blog mention.
    That tea cozy is so cute.


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