Monday, October 3, 2011

good things...small packages

kim brackett from magnolia bay quilts is giving away a copy of this lovely book

using the tiny totes bag pattern designed by monica from happy zombie

even if you don't enter the competition this is a dandy little pattern - great for christmas

rachel from psiquilt is offering this quilt through a new workshop

sign up and receive a 20% discount at the fat quarter shop



  1. We just got that book in at the shop. Cute things in it.
    Trying hard to resist new projects. Trying. Hard.

  2. Cute little bags. Repeat after me, Gail, NO NEW PROJECTS!

  3. I think Rachel's quilt is very interesting! But no more new projects for me right now either. I'm covered up (literally) with little quilts for shut-ins for Christmas! ---"Love"

  4. Thanks for the post...I went and checked out her webpage!! Have fun making;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  5. What? We don't all have enough projects for you so you're pointing out new ones? :) Rachel's quilt looks interesting...kinda like ZZZ...I'll have to check these all out!

  6. The book looks interesting, I have been looking for ideas for some small projects for a change. I love the tiny tote bags, she did a great job with her design! All I need are more ideas, too!

  7. Those totes are adorable - happy Halloween!


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