Thursday, January 12, 2012

scrap busting

with all this talk of scraps and scrap projects it might be time to bust my scrap box
besides there's unpicking to do on the swap quilt

where's the fun in that?!

now it's rather a pathetic collection but that's because...

so 2.5in squares, 3in squares (there's a mistake on the label - remind me to complain to management), 5in squares, 2.5in strips and strings

you know even the ugliest fabric is tolerable as a 3in square

once there is a nice collection then these projects look pretty tempting

or even this one which isn't a scrap quilt but was made with 5in charm squares but it would look fabulous in scraps

got me some cutting to do


  1. Love the string stars and the dresden plate! Very good use of scraps! ---"Love"

  2. Love the scrapy Dresden! And what a great job of organizing!

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear about unpicking to do! Those scrappy projects do look tempting.

  4. That's the beauty of scraps - so much potential!

  5. Ann I love your idea of the scraps all cut up into sizes and boxed...think I might have to do that!!!


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