Sunday, March 17, 2013


Progress here has slowed while we had a house guest. I've only managed to work on my paper piecing project these last couple of weeks.

I am enjoying  your posts on the various projects keeping you all busy. Such wonderful things everyone is making. Such a diversity of styles and designs.

I'm so glad I took those first tentative steps way back when to join the world of blogging. I am so much the richer for it; for your friendship; for your advice; and for your interest in what I sew.

Thank you bloggy friends!


  1. Hi Ann
    Your paper piecing project is looking good. Remember a little bit of sewing is better than none at all,

  2. Slow is better than not at all! That is the way to keep at it when you don't have much time. Even a few minutes is better than nothing. Looks great!

  3. Yes, a little stitching is better than none. And it is amazing how much can be accomplished a little at a time. I love all my bloggy friends, too. Have a great day!

  4. I feel the same way about my blogging friends.

    I am not getting any sewing right now, but I will eventually. A little bit as time permit keeps us going...right? :)

  5. That´s it, you are all right! This part of my life, after starting blogging, is reacher, with friends all around the world!

  6. Progressing slowly is better than not at all. One stitch at a time, right?

  7. Ah, but your piecing project is such a lovely one! I appreciate you too :) I'm so glad you're back in blogland.

  8. I am such a fiber girl! I quilt and weave. And working those in with a full time job and my crazy love for cooking and canning is, well….crazy! Those cozy’s look like love handles and I think I will do some weaving and felting instead of knitting. Thanks for sharing.
    Cccam Server

  9. All I can say is "Ditto to everything you said." I too love all my bloggin' buddies!---"Love"


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