Saturday, August 8, 2015


Okay, so this is actually a star (almost) but it soon joined some stripes.

When I looked at this image I remembered Love's post about sewing blocks around the wrong way and smiled. You'll be relieved to know that I put this block together the right way around on this occasion.

Not so the two halves of this project. Oops.

After some unpicking and a good chuckle at myself (well, Love's post should have made me more cautious), I fixed the error and got started on the quilting.

Haven't had a chance to sit and sew in a block (ha-ha! I made a pun) so I've been sneaking in a row here and there.

It's good to work on a smaller project for a change as I need a short break from all the big projects. I see now why Ruth likes making all those tables mats and doll's quilts. She's a smart cookie that one.

Hey Love, did you notice the patriotic element in this project. No? Oh well, once it has been gifted and I can reveal the whole thing it'll make more sense.

(There I go again with the half-reveals. It's becoming a habit).

At least I have fully exhausted those star prints - well, nearly. There were some Christmas coloured ones that I have kept aside.

Hope you get some stitching time in this weekend.


  1. Ohhhhh. Love the colors. Can't wait to see the whole quilt. Sometimes little projects that give you a finish are a nice sense of peace to go back and tackle those long projects. Having unpicked a bit this past week - I hear you on the oops! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Did I see the patriotic element?? You've got to be kidding! Stars, stripes, and R/W/B?? Yes, I noticed! And I like it! It's good to know I'm not the only one who turns things the wrong way; glad you caught yours earlier than I caught mine. Have fun! ---"Love"

  3. Absolutely Lovely! I love the dark reds and blues! Once again, you post something stunning!

  4. Going to be pretty! As all of you quilts are! Did you have a star buying craze at one point? Good that you have used them up.

  5. Lovely work as always Ann! Love the colors in this project. Yes it is nice to work on a 'easy' project once in a while!

  6. It looks beautiful Ann, I love it already.

  7. My best friend is my friendly unpick. Me and it seem to spend a lot of time together. I am loving this new project of yours, Ann. There you go again......making us all wait a li'l longer. =)

  8. Oh yes! Anything with red, white and blue is good! Small quilts are so much easier to baste. I have 2 large ones waiting for that process, which I have been putting off, but will get to soon - hopefully next week!

  9. I'm loving all the fabrics with the stars and the colors are wonderful, too! Can't wait to see it finished!


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