Monday, September 21, 2015


Here's my little sewing corner.

The cupboards and storage boxes are from Ikea. The square ones hold fat quarters sorted by colour.

The basket holds WIPs and leftover fabrics while the storage containers hold strips, 2.15in lengths, 5in and 2.15in squares ready for a scrap project.

The larger boxes store larger pieces of fabric and sewing bits & bobs.

Sitting on top of this cupboard are big boxes holding wadding offcuts and dressmaking patterns.

I've had them for quite a few years now and they are holding up rather well.

The larger cupboard holds - you guessed it - more fabric for quilting and dressmaking.

I have a cutting table with drop down sides. It has a cupboard in each end.

This holds layer cakes, jelly rolls, more fat quarters, a container of leftovers, yardage and more.
 Opposite this is my sewing table.

This room measures 12 x 8 feet and has windows on all sides making it bright and light.

A pleasant place to work but seriously, I don't need any more fabric.


  1. Much more organized than me! I really need to clean up my area and add the hooks so I can add a fabric panel to 'hide' my shelving. Maybe that will be the Thursday afternoon project.... while I convince the kids to clean up their play room. I might just threaten to take it over if they don't clean it up!

  2. Indeed none of us need any more fabric, do we....but then.....! I love those IKEA boxes. Actually your sewing corner is very that chair and your cutting table. What a cool table....where did you get that? Oooh a sewing room with windows on all sides, now that is serendipitous! You will have to post more photos now.

  3. Very neatly organized! As I would expect. It's wonderful for you to have many windows. That is something that I don't have for my sewing room in our new home. I have one large window on the north side of the house and it doesn't get any direct sunlight. That's why some of my pictures aren't very good. But I love my sewing room (studio?) nonetheless!

  4. Looks great! Oh how I wish I could be that organized. Thanks for sharing your space and giving me hope!

  5. I LOVE your storage area! In fact, I love mine too; I just don't keep it anywhere near as well organized as yours. I know you love all the windows too; can't do without all the light! ---"Love"

  6. Lovely Studio! You have it all sorted out now. I don't need more fabric either but I just bought some!


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