Saturday, April 27, 2019


Since my previous post, work on this project stalled but at long last (five years later?) this top is finished.


The two blue borders are machined pieced but the rest of the top is hand pieced using the English Paper Piecing method.

The quilt top meaures 64 inches square.  As for quilting, that will have to wait. My favourite long arm quilter has retired (much deserved) and the number of loose threads on this thing is diabolical. Looks like I'll be quilting this one myself. 

The red fabric (by Robyn Pandolph) while beautiful frays like crazy. 

The quilt is my own design inspired by a quilt I saw in an APQ article about Make Do and Mend quilts.

I'm calling this quilt Federation Stars as it reflects the colours and design elements of the Australian flag and the star-filled night skies and red dust of the Australian outback.

The flag's original design (with a six-pointed Commonwealth Star) was chosen in 1901 from entries in a competition held following Federation, and was first flown in Melbourne on 3 September 1901, the date proclaimed as Australian National Flag Day.

I love it. It's a strong coloured quilt but ever since I made Patriotic Paisely for my brother, I've wanted to make another red, white and blue quilt.

Patriotic Paisley - from a pattern in an APQ Quilt Sampler with fabrics from a Minick & Simpson range

I also realised that I hadn't show you this finished quilt top.

Sorry about that.

This quilt is made from the offcuts of this quilt.

Abundant Baskets - a Kim Brackett design in Simple Abundance fabric by Bonnie & Camille
Well, while I search for a new long arm quilter, I can start on a new quilt from whatever fabric I pull out of the cupboard first.

Happy stitching!


  1. My goodness! What beautiful quilts you've shown us! You would know I love that first one and the patriotic paisley, but that green one is very special too! Hope you find a new quilter soon. ---"Love"

  2. Beautiful quilts! I'm thrilled to see the first one done into a top. I have loved the fabrics in that one since I first saw it. The one made with the greens is so pretty, too. Hope you can find another quitter so you can have them all finished! Enjoy your time with needle and thread!

  3. What beautiful quilts! They may take you a while, but they're worth the wait! Finding a new longarmer is always tricky, but if things are like they are here, a lot of quilters have invested in them and are starting their own businesses with them. Good luck finding the right one! And now we wait to see what comes out of that cupboard...that makes mine look like I'm a hoarder...

  4. Your quilts are always so gorgeous! I'm doing a block a month class and I have 4 blocks completed! I messed up February's and haven't had the desire to go back and fix it yet, so I'm one behind. I can't believe that by the end of the year, I might actually have a completed quilt top!

  5. I love your red, white, and blue star quilt. It is so pretty with the red background and the pattern in the red gives it a lovely feminine touch. I recently finished a star quilt that I hand pieced so I can appreciate your diligence in getting all these stars done.

  6. Oh my, gorgeous quilts to be seen here. Love the quilt based on our flag. It is stunning. However you choose to quilt it, this quilt will be a beauty. Love the "offcut" quilt too. You have been busy.

  7. These are all gorgeous. Congratulations on finishing your EPP top. I have enjoyed seeing your progress on it over the last several years. I love the offcut quilt too. Thrifty and beautiful!


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