Saturday, October 19, 2019


I'm having trouble deciding what to do next.

Start a new quilt with fabric from the stash using this lovely layer cake or  . . .

Make the scrap quilt that caught my eye  and use the stash of random fat quarters I've collected or . . . 

Start quilting that pile of finished tops that are waiting for some attention or . . . 

Make a cup of tea while I think about it. It's important not to rush these decisions.


  1. Tea sounds like a great idea! I'd say whichever mood strikes the next time you want to sew should win. Good luck. (If it was me... I'd probably star all 3!).

  2. I'm with all the things!!! (But that scrappy quilt...oohhh...)

  3. I would work on all of them, too. I try to have a couple different projects going so I don't get tired of doing just one! That scrappy quilt looks wonderful and the layer cake is so pretty.

  4. I would pick one of the tops and get started with the quilting (do you quilt by hand?). Then I would pick another project to work on when I feel like doing something different. Sometimes a change of pace is good.

  5. Why, the art of tea drinking in a pretty Country Roses teacup and enjoying some little cakes sounds like the best kinda deliberating. Just look at that pile of quilt tops ready to be quilted. I am impressed!


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