Monday, April 13, 2020


Long story short . . .
The way we were . . .

It rained. A lot over 24 hours. Two month's worth in fact.  Most of it travelling sideways at about 55 miles per hour.

I know, a mere rain shower in the tornado belt but a lot for here and not particularly welcome when it's pouring through the ceiling.

Turns out that my Swedish designed, Chinese made, chipboard and melamine storage cupboards are not water repellent. In fact, they are super absorbent (like Simpson's Emperor Stringettes).


Luckily, the fabric stash was spared much damage. Thank goodness for the spare room. Not spare anymore! And the family room. And the dining room. And the hallway. You know, it's surprising just how much stuff was in that little sewing room. And by surprising I mean embarrassing.

Spark Joy!

We are also in Stay-at-Home ~ Work-from Home mode.  So there's been some serious Marie Kondo-ing around here let me tell ya! 

It was time to take a deep breath and dig the Janome out from under the pile. 

I've set up a temporary sewing station in the family room, dusted off the rotating cutting mat and rustled up an ironing mat.  There's no holding me back now!

I enjoy making these Cat's Cradle blocks - no fiddly triangles because I have the funky ruler. Which is a good thing and I'm nibbling away at the stash.

I hope you and those close to your hearts are safe and well.


  1. I wish I had a funky ruler to sew no fiddly triangles. It's amazing how much is stashed away in our sewing rooms, isn't it. Love those blocks. I hope you dry out soon.=) Keep well and take care.

  2. Oh no! Lots of rain with that wind causes trouble for anyone - it can blow under shingles and siding, flood basements we thought were secure and loosen ground enough to topple trees. Though you suffered household damage, I'm glad it wasn't worse. And extra bedrooms are always good to have! I'm excited to see you sewing, as your projects are always beautiful, but too few and far between! Stay safe and sew on!

  3. What a tragedy! Strong winds do a lot of damage, but so does water where it's not supposed to be! I hope the furniture will dry out and still be okay. You have some pretty fabrics in those triangles; can't wait to see what they turn into. I'm up, look like I've been beaten, and my neck and shoulders are really stiff and hurting from Friday's fall, but hey, I'm one tough old woman! I'll just keep crawling along! At least I'm not having to mop water off the floors like you! (In fact, my floors haven't seen even a wet mop in ages!)---"Love"

  4. Oh, rain outside is good, rain inside is bad! Hope it cleans up well and doesn't leave you too many issues. Glad you are sewing again, you always have beautiful things to show us. Have fun!

  5. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about the rain and leaks. Never good when you get that much at one time. Sounds like you have the quilting mojo back though - finding the positive. Stay safe.


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