Sunday, August 23, 2020


Well, almost.

The top is finished. Those borders look wavy but that's just the way it was hanging. There's nowhere to hide when you use white fabric.

Gee, those seams stick out like . . . . there's a phrase. Never mind.

I was planning to use a white backing fabric but I'm not all that confident about my free motion quilting so I think I'll go with a print of some sort.

Next weekend, we quilt! Well, I quilt. You know what I mean.


  1. Look at you go! A whole top already?! It looks great and I hear you about using white and seeing all the seams. Once it's got batting in there, and gets quilted, those will fade away. And I am completely with you on a busy back fabric!

  2. Well, I sort of like the white seams showing; they add a rather unexpected design. I do agree with Katie that those lines will disappear when the batting and backing are behind the top. Either way, you've done a really nice job on the piecing, and I'm sure you will do well on the quilting as well. ---

  3. Gosh, you 'whipped' up this quilt top quicker than quick! Yes, with the quilting those seams will disappear. Happy quilting!

  4. LOVE that quilt top, Ann!! I've been planning a black, white, and red quilt for a very long time. That floral worked well to add an unexpected pop of color!


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