Sunday, October 18, 2020



Number 16 . . . last, last lucky last

Sewing stalled when some Spring cleaning started around here. You never really appreciate how much house there is until you have to give it a good deep clean.

First world problems.

We've had no appreciable rain for weeks so the dust bunnies were getting out of hand. 

Carpet has been purchased for the sewing room. (I know, right? That's not finished yet, you exclaim!? I hear ya). Yep, work stalled while I dithered about what kind of flooring to use. In the end $150 worth of carpet and underlay beat $625 worth of laminate timber flooring.

Just need to order the new storage cupboard - timber this time and I can start putting the room back together. Decisions on a new sewing table are pending. I'd like that to be timber as well.

Anyhoo . . . I finally managed to get some sewing done. All 16 blocks are pieced and next up is quilting them. I'm sort of making a Quilt As You Go and will join them with sashing after they have been quilted.  Just need to decide how - Stitch in the ditch? An all over pattern? Something a little more detailed?

Urrgghh!! Decisions, decisions. I may need some thinking chocolate.

Hope you been able to make a dent in your projects.


  1. It sounds as if you are making a lot of decisions of late. I think carpet sounds great....but oh....those pins and needles. =) I am expecting a photo of the sewing room when all is finished. Can't wait to see this quilt all together and quilted. LOVE these blocks.

  2. Wood flooring and carpet each have their own perks, so there really is no bad choice. Hopefully the home decisions will be done soon and you can focus more on the quilty ones!

  3. I looked at that block carefully with all those little pieces, then I realized the only real difficult part was which way to turn all those little half squares. Maybe I could do it after all. Yours is really pretty! Sounds like you soon will have your sewing space just like you want it. I'm sure you will enjoy it, and maybe we will see more quilting from you. ---"Love"

  4. Decision burnout! Hope the finishing up of the room happens soon so you can enjoy it! Have you heard of potholder quilting? Might be an option for you. Love your blocks by the way... which reminds me I need to add that to my list of must do someday!


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