Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Magazine Swap

I recently participated in a magazine swap with the talented Christine (StitchNiche) from APQ.

Christine kindly sent me Quilts and More, Quilt Sampler and McCalls Quilting. I added the October issue of APQ and spent a delightful afternoon reading through them all. So many wonderful projects - I want to make them all! Well almost.

Along with these I also had Country Living, Victoria and Martha Stewart - what an indulgence!

Sigh. Such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

What about you? What magazines do you enjoy?



  1. I used to buy Victoria years ago, it was always very sweet. My absolute must have is English Country Living though.

    Again, I don't go much for the Australian 'living' type mags, they often seem contrived or something. I'll sometimes buy Australian Country Style, it has good and not so good issues!

    Enjoy your reading!

  2. I love Christine. She is a sweetie.
    Thanks for dropping by. I think I am worn out from the wedding prep, but it was worth it. Thanks again,

  3. I do enjoy the coastal magazines, Homespun and Australian Country Style ... sometimes good to pick up a stack and spend a couple of hours going through them


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