Monday, October 27, 2008

Pink Ribbon Day

Monday 27 August is Pink Ribbon Day for breast cancer awareness. At my work place we will be holding an afternoon tea to raise donations for the important research work being done in this area.

Many people support this worthy cause - including quilters.

Thank you.



  1. I'd love to do something at my work but we're associated with a car yard with very 'blokey' blokes who don't really want to know about 'womens problems'.

    Maybe I should hold their regular supply of oysters to ransom!

    I hope your Pink Ribbon Day is a success. I might suggest doing something with my stitching group on Thursday night instead.

    Jen :o)

  2. Thanks Ann for the note on my blog.
    I actually spent yesterday 10/27 having my recheck from my lumpectomy in April. The tea is certainly for a great cause. It effects so many women. Good for all of you.

  3. Hi Ann, thank you so much for calling in and for your lovely comment. I am so encouraged to continue blogging at the moment, meeting wonderful new people from all over ... will call back

  4. What a great idea, Ann. I commend you and your group.

    I hope the tea was a huge success, and of course lots of fun!


  5. Just came across your blog from Queen of the Arm Chair. Yoau have so many talents. I enjoyed the tutorial, it was very easy to understand thanks for sharing that with blogland.


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