Friday, November 14, 2008

A Surprise Package

Well, for a few weeks there I was busy making gifts for some of my APQ blog friends in the US and Canada with whom I had participated in various swaps.

They were great fun indeed, so I decided to surprise them with a small gift of either a table mat or wallhanging.

Each was *wrapped* in a paper bag with a rustic bow and included a calendar, a Christmas card and some chocolates.

Here's what I made...

A wallhanging for Kelli...

A table mat for Merritt...

A wallhanging for BCQuilter...

and a table mat for StitchNiche...

The parcels have all arrived safely and I'm delighted to say were a surprise to all.

I love being *Santa's Helper*



  1. awww.
    aren't you the sweetest!!!

    i KNOW these gals will LOVE them.
    they are all GREAT ladies!!!

  2. How very thoughtful of you Ann is that...I'm sure they will be absolutely thrilled with their little packs!!!Just gorgeous!!! Yes the bottlebrush is a real beauty but I can't say I've seen too many hot pink must be stunning!!!Thanks for popping in and Happy Stitching to you too...Dzintra

  3. Your generosity knows no bounds! I'm sure the recipients love them, and wrapped so beautifully too!

    Hope you sent Cadbury's chocolate! ;)

  4. Thrilled, hardly covers the feeling. The parcel through me off, as the first initial was an "F"... I don't know anyone that has a name that starts with an "F" in Australia.

    Everyone in the family loves "Santa", with his knickers!

    Ann, thanks a bunch!


  5. Yes Fer, I sure did send Cadbury's - Caramello Koalas! Alice, I sent you an email to explain the *F* - it's an ID thing for the post office. I use my middle name rather than my first name.

    Ann :)

  6. Oh Ann these are just adorable. They will cherish each one.

  7. Thanks for the good wishes Ann...and we did have an enjoyable day...happy stitching to you, Dzintra


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