Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Wonderful Gift

I received a parcel today from the lovely Christine (StitchNiche from APQ).

I felt so special as Christine had obvioulsy gone to a lot of trouble to chose lovely things as well as sharing some of her favourite recipes for yummy treats. Here's what was in the parcel.

Isn't the Snowman just adorable! I wish you could smell the Pumpkin Pie candle - it's delicious and so was the chocolate turkey.

Now I have to find just the right project for that delightful bundle of fabric. I think this will require tea and cake and a pile of magazines...

Thank you very much Christine.

Ann :)


  1. Tea and cake sounds good...we could have it in cyberspace!!!The candle sounds yummy...I can smell it now...I love candles, burn them nearly every night. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with with the fabric...Happy sewing to you...Dzintra

  2. It really is wonderful! A pumpkin pie candle sounds amazing - who'd have thunk it?!! :o)

  3. Ann,

    How wonderful! mmmm... I can almost smell the candle from here!



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