Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OPAM - December Finish

Thank you all for your delightful Christmas wishes!

I don't know about you but I enjoy those few days after Christmas when the hubbub has settled and there seems to be time just for me to spend as I choose.

The fridge is full of leftovers so the family pretty much feed themselves (constantly), there is plenty of chocolate to keep me fuelled and no seems to want me for anything. Bliss!

That means time in the sewing room and here is my December OPAM. It has been rather pleasant to work on all those projects I didn't finish in time for Christmas. Thank goodness my dearest friends have the patience of Job and know that when they receive their Christmas gift in March it is with the best of intentions!

There are a few UFOs on the to do list for 2010 but that's okay.

Before I forget, Unexpected Paths is hosting a post-Christmas give away. If you didn't receive as many presents as you would have liked then stop by and enter.

Happy Stitching


  1. Sounds like you had a good Christmas. I love it when Christmas falls on Friday -- two more weekend days to recover!

  2. Great bag Ann! I'm glad you're getting some much needed sewing time. You're right, post Christmas is nice.


  3. Beautiful Bag Anne...Glad to hear your Xmas was a good one.,

  4. Lovely bag! It's good to know you have time to do as you please after all those long days!

  5. love your bag! I'm glad you are getting some good sewing time in - for me this time of year is a bit lack-luster - I should be sewing, but I'm just not motivated to. Ah well, it will still be there tomorrow!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Your Bag looks fantastic - you have to be pleased with that one. Yes I too have been having a great time sewing in my days off.

  7. I'm with you, Ann. The few days after Christmas are the best.
    Love your bag. Wish I could make bags.
    Hope you have a Happy New Year.

  8. I had so many Christmas gifts in mind to sew and I didn't do any of them! Happy New Year!

  9. Love your bag. And the colour. All the best for 2010 and many new crafty projects.

  10. I love your bag, the shape is just divine. Sounds like you are having a great Christmas break, nothing like time for yourself especially sewing! Happy new year, and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

  11. Oh Ann I love your bag. Its a great design. Is there a pattern for it, or is it your own?

    Looks like you have had a few days off from the family. And lots of chocolate to keep you busy with sewing. Looking forward to seeing your creation.

  12. What a wonderful Christmas. Friends sure are great, especially the ones who wait on us to wade through.
    I absolutely love the bag. Great fabrics Ann.
    Happy New Year to you,

  13. Hi Ann...I really enjoy post-Christmas too, something nice and easy about it!!! Love the bag, enjoying doing all your projects...and most importantly you have chocolate...all just perfect. Happy New Year to you...Dzintra♥x

  14. I love the bag. It is gorgeous.

  15. Glad that you had a lovely holiday! I love your bag Ann...just lovely!


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