Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Little Snowman Love

This is Anne"s block, not mine

She's done it again.

Anne Sutton from Bunnyhill Designs is spoiling us with another free BOM. This one is called Snowbound and Anne is using one of my new favourite fabric lines - Rural Jardin by French General.

I know...I haven't finished last year's BOM from Bunnyhill but this is snowmen!

Anne must have known I was sweet on them this year. I've already started with this little guy.

There are so many other good things out in Blogland. Here are just a couple...

The Painted Quilt is hosting First Friday Freebie with a free pattern on the first Friday of the month and Quilting Granny is hosting a giveaway.

Late Breaking News: Homestead Quilting is hosting a very generous giveaway - a jelly roll, honey buns and charm packs. Don't waste any more time here. Go now! Quickly!

Happy Stitching, Ann.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I just love the mitten snowman - where ever did you find the pattern? Do share if there are more like it! You are always an inspirtaion to us all!

  2. I saw Anne's new BOTM! I am glad it's not starting for a fewmonths, let me get some thigns crossed off my list and save some $ up so I can buy some of that fabric too!!!

  3. isn't Anne's BOM just perfect??? I haven't finished last year's either, but that's not stopping me! Your guy is so cute already!
    FFF is going on my sidebar, too.
    Thanks for the info on the giveaway, heading right over there, too! Ohh 2010 is starting out really well!

  4. Yes, blogland is truly a wonderful place! (I must get my act together too...)

    Hope you had a terrific silly season Ann!

  5. Cute snowman, we had more snow last night, the kids are getting a bit bored of it now espcially as its sooo cold!I could spend hours in blogland, its very addictive.

  6. psttt. Go check out my blog today =)

  7. Hi Ann! Here I am officially moved over to blogspot. I love all of your projects and look forward to seeing your latest creations :)

  8. A neat project I haven't joined in on any of these, this one is tempting though! Did you get the sewing room back to rights?

  9. Here in Lisbon weather is getting so cold that snow is expected to come next Sunday. If so I´ll make a real Snowman but not as beautiful as yours :)!

  10. Hi Ann...what a cute snowman!!!
    Plenty of giveaways happening too...thanks for the links to those...Hope you are having a lovely weekend...even in this heat...Dzintra♥x

  11. That's a great block-of-the-month, and a great fabric line. Love your snowman mitten, too!


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