Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Say Hello to Raggedy Quilter

Raggedy Quilter is joining us from APQ. Hi Raggedy Quilter!

Pop on over and say hello at http://raggedyquilter.blogspot.com/

In the meantime, the February issue of APQ has arrived here and I'd really like to make the tote bag featured. Add it to the list.

Love to Quilt Project Tote - American Patchwork & Quitling February 2009

The cover quilt could be a candidate to use up all my blue fat quarters. I became rather excited about it until I read that you need 36 of them. Pity I don't have 36 in the stash in the same colour scheme.

Red Hots - American Patchwork & Quitling February 2009

Guess I could make a smaller version. Or buy more fat quarters....

Happy Stitching,



  1. Mmm, great bag, love the fabrics!

  2. I'm here too!

    Ann H.

  3. Lovely projects and hope you have fun with them!

  4. You know, my first knee-jerk reaction to your comment about not having enough blues was "buy more"! Too funny you said the same thing a few lines later! It's a beautiful quilt - I don't often like scrappy, but this is organized scrappy, so it's okay.

  5. Isn't that quilt gorgeous! You know the answer to that problem Ann! ;) Christine

  6. Wow, and excuse to buy fabric! What are you waiting for? It'll be gorgeous, as will the bag.

  7. Cool bag Ann...I reckon us gals can never have enough of them!! At the bag workshop the other day one lady said she was still searching for the perfect bag ha ha...Dzintra♥x

  8. LOVE the bag - I have to by the APQ! And you neede some more blues, that's for sure !!!

  9. I love everything about that bag! It's on my to-do list. And the cover quilt is so pretty. I can definitely see this one in blue.

  10. Do you need 36 fat quarters? or 36 blue fat quarters? Could you add another colour that would help you make up the difference?

    It's a lovely quilt, and a great way to use scraps.


  11. That tote looks very you, but I'd love to see it in more ..... um, "up-beat" fabrics? Like some Prints Charming? Dunno, but might be worth exploring!!

    Surely you don't need much convincing to buy more fabric, and hey, with the US dollar so good it's too easy to buy from there!

  12. Last year was pretty bad but the holidays and the beginning of the new year are certainly looking up. One of the things I need to do is put together my UFO list again this year. My small group didn't do it last year and I was surprised at the end of the year that I hadn't gotten much done. Granted, it was a rough year, but still. So these last couple of days I have off I am going to work on my studio space, binding quilts and putting a list together to work on for this year. Hopefully, I will be a little more productive this year.... Although given the way the studio space is turning out you may not be able to pry me out of there! Cya, :) Theri

  13. Sorry I am so late in commenting.
    Little time online lately.
    Love the projects too. Ann I know they will be stunning when you get finished with them. Look forward to seeing them.


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