Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome APQ Bloggers

Let's start this post with a big hearty welcome to those lovely folks from APQ who are dipping their toes in the water here for the first time. APQ are deleting all their existing blogs and we have to find new homes. Some have settled on Blogger, others are looking at their options.

One door closes and another opens so we must make the best of it. I have made some wonderful friends through APQ and I hope they will keep in touch with me here.

A parcel arrived in the post this week from my blogging friend Kelli. She has stitched an adorable snowman wall hanging just for me and there is the Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charms book by Pam and Nicky Lintott. Whoo-hoo! I was going to buy that book with a gift certificate I received for Christmas. Now I can spend it on fabric.

Thanks Kelli! I really liked the little cupcake pincushion kit, calendar (just the right size for the sewing room) and charm pack too.

It's been too hot to quilt the baby quilt so I did a little hand sewing yesterday. The first block in Anne Sutton's Bunnyhill Designs free BOM for 2010.

I've gone out on a limb with the scheme. I found the background fabric and it made me think of a night sky with snowflakes. Go on...use your imagination!

I chickened out this time and went for blanket stitch applique. At least there's a chance I'll finish this BOM.

I won't be making a quilt with these blocks. Instead, I will split them up into threes or fours and make other things - maybe a wall hanging, table runner, Christmas tote. Haven't decided yet but you'll be the first to know!

Happy Stitching!



  1. That picture is so great!!! Where did you find that? Hahah! Thank you for the warm welcome to the grown up blogs. I'm really enjoying it. Your block is adorable! I'm sure whatever you end up doing with it will be a stunner (as usual). Lucky you and your goodies- that snowman is so cute. Have fun with the new book- Santa brought it to me and it looks like lots of fun. Happy quilting! :) ~Christine

  2. The snowmen are so sweet. I think that I would have a problem making snowmen while it is so warm.

    Just Another Quilter

  3. I like your background very much, it does remind one of snow at night. Especially as seen in a street light. It will be really cute when you finish! Hope it cools off a bit. I think we're to have a bit warmer here.

  4. Hello Ann, I have added your blog to my RSS Feeds. I am curious to know the new APQ layout but not too sure, i didn't like the old obe too well either... so many banner ads on top i had to scroll to see anyone posts and such. heehee ok i vented a tad, but without APQ, I wouldn't know many of you fabulous ladies!!!

    I've had a blogger account forever, just haven't made a sewing blog on it yet, i have a WordPress account too. So much to decide. heehee

    off to copy and past emy APQ posts to a Word Doc so I have them all.

    Sew Excited about Quilting!

  5. Thank you for the welcome from APQ to here. I started a blog here and then just drifted off. Your snowman is so cute. Beth (friendquiltts)

  6. Alice gave me a 'heads up' about what's happening at APQ, and in some ways it's a real shame. I think that a lot of the regulars will be more happy with a Blogger type blog anyway!

    Your gifts are lovely and the idea you have with the blocks sounds good. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  7. I love, love your first block. Those are my favorite colors. I think I'm going to use your block for color inspiration. The blanket stitching looks great too.

  8. Hello Ann!

    I had just posted an entry on my blog, welcoming APQ bloggers, and I decided to head over to yours, and you have done the same!

    Your snowmen blocks are really coming along, even though we are in the middle of winter, it sure is very spring like weather right now... I wonder if our winter weather is done for the season. Time will tell.


  9. Ih havent been on apq for ages! will have to check out the new blog names. What a lovely surprise you got, very cute snowman.

  10. Like Christine, I LOVE that first picture! It made me smile before I even read anything! The goodies look like a lot of fun and your snowman turned out very cute. Definitely a nightime snow scene going on there.

  11. Hi Ann! I finally figured out how to leave a comment! I may have some questions on how to navigate and set things up on my blog, thanks for the offer to help!

    I love the snowmen, they are adorable! Your site it wonderful, I'll be visiting often!


  12. Hi Ann...what a cute BOM that is, I love your block...I really don't know much at all about APQ...What a fantastic book you have shown us...I have just used my first pack of Charm Squares for a bag and made it my first OPAM that I have joined!!! Have a lovely stitching week, Dzintra♥x

  13. Lots of yummy goodies from your blog friend.
    I love your snowman block. He is adorable. The little red bird sets it off just right.

  14. What a lucky girl you are to receive such a fun package! I have that book; I'm sure you will love it too.

    Jennifer :)

  15. Thanks for your kind words Ann - I do hope the snowman keeps you cool! Can't wait to see how your projects progress through the year - you are an inspiration to us all! Thanks for sharing!


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