Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm A Happy Bunny

It's been that weekend when you can eat all the chocolate you want - guilt free!

I have a finished quilt top.

The sewing machine is lint-less, has a sharp new needle and there are plenty of freshly wound bobbins ready to quilt the baby quilt.

The crock pot has been dusted off to make braised lamb shanks with parmesan mash

There's also chicken noodle soup and apple berry crisp.

She sighs with contentment

Now on matters quilting...the plan was to make a Lemoyne Star but I rather fancy Carpenter's Wheel instead.

What about this feisty little number seen on Material Obsession's blog?

Or perhaps the vintage look?

from a vintage quilt in the San Jose Quilt Museum - so I've been told

I need some thinking chocolate.

Hope you had a terrific weekend too!



  1. Hello Ann
    I hope you enjoyed your easter break and you had lots of choccy

  2. Hi Ann! The lamb shanks look really yummy. Love the stars! Do they have "Y" seams? Are you going to use them as centers or blocks? Either way, the quilt(s) will be beautiful!


  3. Can I come over? That sounds wonderful...dinner, quilting and chocolate...what more could a girl want? And I'm sure whatever colors you choose for your Carpenter's Wheel will be awesome. I love the pattern myself, but am very intimidated by those Y seams.

  4. Not a smidge of chocolate passed my lips over the weekend....a couple of pieces of lemonade pie did however LOL.

    Ooooo a Carpenters Wheel, I LOVE those blocks!!


  5. I made a carpenter's wheel block--once. Never could get that stinker to lay flat :)

  6. With the crock pot full and the sewing machine all cleaned up, sounds like you are ready for some serious quilting! I've never made a carpenter's wheel block, but hope to some day; it's pretty in any fabric choices! I certainly have had my share of chocolate fixes! Not just on Easter week-end, but everyday! By the way, have you tried Hershey's new Chocolate Drops? They are to die for! ---"Love"

  7. Lucky girl! You sound relaxed and happy, of course chocolate does that! I think the Carpenter's wheel will make a lovely quilt anyway YOU make it.

  8. Lots of chocolate, YUM! Your meal looks wonderful, too, even if I don't care for lamb. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! The Carpenters Wheel looks challenging but well worth the work!

  9. It's good to see you back in full form :) I love the Carpenter's wheel block. Will you make it with all those lovely Y-seams (I'm chicken, I haven't tried those yet) or a reasonable facsimile using HSTs? Thinking chocolate is definitely in order while pondering fabric choices. Enjoy!

  10. Sounds like you're getting your mojo back! Woohoo!!

  11. Hi Ann Lovely to catch up with you again...I Love that Block...Hope the Choccie worked for You..

  12. Wow Ann what a great post...a little bit of everything that we all love...topped off with chocolate!!! Dzintra

  13. THANKS A LOT! Sitting here having my coffee, not a care in the world and all of a sudden I want to cuddle bunnies, am starving for lamb (even though I don't like lamb!), have an all consuming need for chocolate, and want to go buy some vintage fabrics to make a vintage quilt!!! Love your post!

  14. I love chocolate too and I love having some every once in a while.


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