Tuesday, November 15, 2011

are you ready for christmas?

courtesy of Shabby Fabrics

I'm not but shabby fabrics is

check out their terrific range of christmas patterns, kits and fabrics

I like this little guy

disclaimer: this is not an advertisement and I have not received any benefit to promote shabby fabrics

I just like their christmas stuff!

yes katie, I know, I know - more time sewing less time talking about it


  1. I'm not ready for Christmas but I always enjoy Christmas creations!

  2. Are you kidding???? You, of all people, know I never got ready for LAST Christmas! (I'm not sure you did either! Remember??? *giggle*) But I'll admit, every time I go in a store anywhere, I have to look at the Christmas stuff, and I've bought two small items for my house already! --- I just can't resist Christmas!!) ---"Love"

  3. Darling project, I 'm tempted! Gail, repeat after me, "No new projects, No new projects, No new projects--I mean it" sigh. I love Christmas!

  4. I'm trying to be but you wait will still run around in circles when it gets closer .
    Hugs Bec

  5. He is too cute! Makes me want to play in the snow - hopefully we will have some soon! Thanks for sharing - Shabby Fabrics has a wonderful selection of Christmas ideas

  6. Cute, but I don't need any more projects. I'm trying to finish those I plan to give for Christmas this year. And yep, more sewing, less blogging! :)

  7. As ready as we are planning to be..;-) Not doing as much sewing if any this year. Now I do love that snow fella though!!! Never thought to use a border print for a snowman sweater!!


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