Wednesday, November 2, 2011

garden tuesday

gotta love hot pink

especially when it's a geranium

seriously - this is the colour

no trickery or photoshop

this is my entry for


  1. Loving your Garden Tuesday's - they are beautiful!

  2. What a great photo considering it's all brown and dead-ish around here lately. Is that from your garden? It must be beautiful about now!

  3. Thanks for keeping us all colorful!!!

  4. Gorgeous! The color is beautiful! I love geraniums. When my dad was alive, he grew lots of them. Over the winter he would start them from leaves (I think) in the basement. Then in the spring, he would set them out. He always had lots left over which he would give away to friends, his barber, neighbors, etc. He really had a green thumb and geraniums always remind me of him.

  5. I love that color too! In fact, I had a pot of geraniums that same color on my patio earlier this summer, but it's gone bye-bye now! I think I drowned it because I felt sorry for it in our long 100 degree summer and so I watered it a little bit every day. Wrong thing for geraniums! ---"Love"

  6. What fantastic color! Looks almost fake it is so perfect.
    I used to get geraniums for my front yard, but just have not had any for the last few years. You have inspired me. Come spring...I will work on flowers.

  7. Only word that will do is "GORGEOUS"!



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