Monday, April 15, 2013


Now that work has finished on the basket quilt, it's time to pick up where I left off on the Rosettes quilt.

Things got into a bit of a muddle but it's all sorted now and eight of the sixteen star blocks are finished.

Still a fair way to go though.

A binding is also needed for this quilt -

I've only just realised that those brown strips are next to each other. Sigh, so much for random.

On a lighter note the peacefulness of our morning sleep-ins are being shattered by an unkindness of ravens dropping small stones on the roof. They are a relatively new addition to the avian landscape around these parts and I have to say I much preferred the sparrows and blue wrens.


  1. Looks like a good muddle to me! I can't stand the ravens either, they really ruin the peace and quiet in the early morning (plus we had one stuck in the chimney not long ago, they aren't too bright).

  2. I love the new blocks! So very pretty. As for random-my son the mathematician says true randomness is impossible to achieve-just go with that! Birds that fly right into my windows and knock themselves out are my personal pet peeves-scares me to death to hear one hit and some will do it over and over! They really are "bird brains!"

  3. Why are the ravens dropping small stones on your roof? Just curious.


  4. Love the fabric in the square in square blocks, really striking.


  5. The ravens probably think the pebbles are eggs. The pebbles are small and white. They also collect them to show off to potential mates. Apparently the females are impressed by nests full of white *eggs* and other trinkets.

  6. Well it appears that whatever the muddle, you have sorted it all out beautifully. The fabrics are beautiful.
    The quilt that needs binding is a beauty.
    Sorry about those darn birds. It seems that all the birds in my neighborhood nest in the evergreen that brushes my bedroom window.

  7. ooooh your quilt is going to be lovely in this range of fabric

  8. Your fabrics are all so beautiful! What a lovely quilt you will have.

  9. Your fabrics look so rich. They will make a gorgeous quilt. I'm glad you sorted out the muddle.

  10. I love that fabric! We have annoying birds around here as well (grackles), but manage to keep them away most of the time. Don't tell anyone, but DH scares them away with a pellet gun - he never hits them and if he did it probably wouldn't penetrate, but it does the trick. I looked in my bird book and found out that grackles and ravens are both in the blackbird family.


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