Monday, April 22, 2013


It's about this time in a new project when I start to lose a little patience. This of course benefits no one, least of all me.

It hasn't helped that my iron gave up the ghost (where on earth does that expression come from?) spluttering and spitting as it did so. I'm beginning to think there is a conspiracy as this is about the fifth iron story in the last two weeks.

Its replacement is a fine, sturdy chap with a Teflon sole plate and good head of steam. Perfect for ironing jeans (awww Mum! Not my jeans - DS).

Pity it's too heavy for pressing 2 inch half square triangle blocks. Heading to the store this week to find something more diminutive.

I have discovered that pressing the finished block and pinning it to the ironing board to cool overnight is resulting in lovely flat blocks which stay flat. Why didn't you folks let me in on this secret before now?

It takes ages and ages and ages to make one of these blocks. I'm guessing the clever folks at Figtree whipped up this quilt in an afternoon. (I know, I know. You've told me a million times not to exaggerate).

Six more blocks to go.....


  1. I've made that pattern and I'll agree its a real bugger. So much so that I haven't even quilted mine, I couldn't face it by the time I'd finished. One day! Yours looks great!!

  2. What a lovely top! Love your color choices. Yes I do think irons now days are NOT meant to be used daily!!! Wear out in no time! Travel irons make for easy pressing of smaller piecing. I am still looking for a dry iron, one with no steam.

  3. Love that block. I use spray sizing to flatten my blocks. Gives them good body for assembly, too. You need an old iron manufactured back in the seventies or before. You know, one that has a cloth covered cord? They heat like crazy and are not steam.


  4. LOL, sorry you are having such a hard time with this project and your tools. I should laugh but really, I was laughing with you :0).

    I never heard of leaving a block on the board to cool. I'll have to try that.


  5. I love that block! Thanks for letting us in on the pressing and cooling secret to flat blocks. I'll have to try that.

    And what is it with irons? You can count 6 stories now. My iron died on Friday!

  6. The block is beautiful. I never knew about leaving the block on the board either. Thanks for sharing the tip.
    I do not know what is with irons. A revolt? Shorter working hours? I knocked mine ( the good one) off the ironing board the other day. Hope it doesn't die on me.

  7. Gorgeous block! Thanks for the tip about pinning and letting cool! My new iron is great for regular ironing but a bit heavy for pressing quilt pieces as well. I understand that Vermont Country Store has an iron without steam, but I don't know what it costs. I don't like the automatic shutoff. I know it's a safety feature but it's so annoying!

  8. Lovely block.....good idea about pinning the block to the ironing board

  9. Ha! It's just like 'blocking' a knitted garment! Maybe there's some cross-over terminology happening here. Who knows..... it's a lovely block but!


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