Saturday, May 4, 2013


Thank you all so very much for your sympathy and kind words. I'm feeling much better!

One of the reasons I was disappointed at missing out on the Springwood Show was that I wanted to snap up some goodies for my . . .

200th blog post giveaway!

Yes that's right this is my 200th post on blogger but you'll just have to wait until I've been to the Sydney Quilt Show in June. So then it might be my 204th or 205th blog post giveaway.

You'll have to pretend to be excited all over again.

As an extra special treat I went to the Eastwood Quilters Quilt Show at Brush Farm House today. Those Eastwood quilters never disappoint and it was a marvellous show. So many wonderful quilts.

Best of all - no restrictions on photographs! Out of courtesy to other attendees I didn't use the flash (only once when  no one else was around). I don't like disturbing the viewing of others.

As you walked along the footpath to the historic house the fence was hung with little quilt bunting (picture above).

Brush Farm House was built in 1820 and the second floor has magnificent views down over Parramatta River and the plains beyond. It must have been spectacular in its day. The house suffered terribly from neglect but was rescued at the 11th hour and has been beautifully restored. You can read more about the history here.

I really liked the pattern on the tiles on the steps leading to the front door.
This was a pretty quilt hanging just inside the entrance door to the show. Love those scalloped edges.
There were displays of 12 inch quilts - the themes and execution were amazing! This was my favourite.
Girl's gotta have her stash right?

I really like that maple leaf block. Is that an APQ pattern?
No matter how many times I see one of these log cabin quilts I still marvel at just how much work goes into making them.
More quilts in my next post!


  1. 200 posts is a good effort, congrats!

  2. I love log cabin quilts to, they are just so traditional and beautiful, great photos of all the other quilts to.

  3. Wow! Congratulations on 200 posts! The quilt show looks wonderful. Interesting house. I love to see old houses/buildings.

  4. Congrats on 200 posts! Those 12" quilts are wonderful. Love that log cabin too!Happy you are feeling better again!

  5. Glad you're feeling better and are able to enjoy a good quilty day out!

    Got to love the old Sydney houses, especially around The Rocks and Elizabeth Bay house. One day I'll get back to Sydney!!

  6. I love historic houses, and adding in quilts just makes a visit irresistible. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your 200th post.

  7. Wow what a wonderful place to put on a quilt show. It makes the quilts that much more special :0)


  8. Those quilt blocks hanging on the fence is a great introduction to a quilt show. Love the quilt with the scalloped border waiting to greet everyone at the entrance

  9. Congrats on 200 posts!
    The quilt show looks like fun. The bunting is too cute. Love log cabins. I have to make one someday.


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