Friday, May 10, 2013


Just a few hours of piecing here!
I think this was the quilt that took seven years to make.
Simple design and colours but a striking result
Samplers aren't normally my thing but I quite liked this one
A little applique to while away the hours
This quilt was fabulously bright
Another fabulous applique quilt
Not surprisingly, this was a prize winner
French General fabrics and some very small applique pieces

Another beautiful French General quilt
One of my favourite quilts using the Saracen block.
Fantastic for scraps
One of three quilts in this pattern.
Not surprisingly this was a prize winning quilt. The fussy cutting was meticulous and my picture doesn't quite capture the fantastic effect created.
Each of those little feature circles in the blocks is fussy cut. The border blew me away. It looked 3D in real life.
I hope you enjoyed this tour of the quilts!


  1. Those are some amazing quilts! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Lots of eye candy there. Thanks!


  3. That border looks 3-D in the picture too. I do not know how anyone could pick a favorite they are all so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Some gorgeous quilts there; I love the two French General quilts.

  5. Stop it! You're killing me!! ;)

  6. Gorgeous. My quilts take 7 years to make only because I work on them a little bit every summer. Emphasis on "little bit".

  7. all beautiful! and meticulous work - wow! Love the 2 French Generals

  8. They are all wonderful! I sure don't know how anyone can have the time, let alone the patience, to make some of those intricate quilts!


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