Sunday, September 1, 2013


They say winners are grinners and I'm surely that! 

I was lucky to win Ann Hermes Giveaway and my prize has arrived! The Primitive Quilts magazine features a pattern by the wonderfully talented Ann. I also received a beautiful postcard and one of Ann's famous mini quilt decorations.

Look at all those lovely pinwheels!  As it happens I need a new mat for my coffee table and I have some left over half square triangles from my Scrap Baskets quilt.

Thank you so much Ann! 

I wish I could say that during my prolonged absence from blogging that I have been sewing with feverish enthusiasm.

Sadly no...Spring has arrived with a vengeance and with no rain for nearly two months hay fever  and asthma have been my constant companions.  Who needs enemies with friends like those?!

Never fear I shall be making a return to the sewing room soon. 


  1. Congrats! A win is always nice.

  2. Lucky you! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. So lucky you are! I know exactly what a high you get when you win! How you are feeling better soon-been there, done that.

  4. What a lovely prize! Perhaps a return to the sewing room would be an as yet undiscovered cure for your spring afflictions? I hope you're feeling better soon and enjoying a bit of stitching.

  5. What fun, winning the magazine.
    Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope those allergies settle down soon.
    I have spent a lot of the summer with sneezing and coughing and runny eyes so I feel for you.
    Take care.

  6. Congratulations Ann, it is fun to win and those are lovely prizes! Hope you are feeling better soon and get back to your sewing. The little quilt in the magazine is adorable and will look great on your table.

  7. Firstly congrats on a lovely win!!!So very sorry you have been under the weather though! Hope you feel better soon before it gets too hot for ya in sewing room!

  8. No wonder you're grinning with a win like that! Enjoy it all, and take care so you'll feel like quilting soon. Then we'll all be grinning with you! ---"Love"

  9. Oh you are a lucky gal....'tis no surpirse that you are grinning!! There is oodles of rain down here that I could perhaps send to you, to settle all that hayfever!! Hope you are feeling a little like stitching very soon!!

  10. You lucky Lady!
    Get well soon, just to keep on with your stitching passion.


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