Saturday, October 5, 2013


I didn't mean for a whole month to go by before posting but it has been an endless battle with dust here after many days of strong winds. No sooner did we clean up than another windy day came along and we'd start all over again. Yeah, I know - first world problems.

Luckily we didn't experience any damage from fallen trees but a lot of folks did.The State Emergency Services (SES) are the first on the scene in events like this. The service is made up of volunteers and they do an amazing job.

A big project at work and health issues of a close family member have kept me from the sewing room. 

Until today!

I don't normally show projects at this stage but I'm so happy with how this quilt is looking. It was a good feeling to finally piece this top together.

Another reason for delaying this quilt was my frustration in not being able to find a fabric for the border that I liked. Nothing suitable at the local quilt shops so I ordered from the net with the only drawback being that you don't get true colours on your screen. 

The last fabric purchased is the best of a ho-hum selection.

The more I gaze at this quilt the less inclined I am to give it away. My sister won't mind if I buy here a box of chocolates instead - will she?

Now for a bit of gloating. . .

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy and Sydney Harbour put on her best day for the International Fleet Review featuring tall ships and 40 ships from 17 countries.

image courtesy of The Australian

You can read more about the event at International Fleet Review. The fireworks and lights spectacular is supposed to be bigger than the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

To the men and women of the Royal Australian Navy - thank you for your service.


  1. We don't need winds for continual dust - just a wood heater. Glad you're getting back on track and the quilt WIP is looking gorgeous!

    Yes, you're very lucky in Sydney. I've seen some wonderful images from some of the people I follow on Instagram. Enjoy!

  2. Okay, I take it back you can't get away with not moving things in that kind of dust! Makes knick-knacks less appealing, eh? Love the Quilt top!!! Border fabric is always hard for me as well, so hard that I'm thinking of going borderless on the one I'm working on.

    Go Navy! It would be quite something to see that display of ships and fireworks! Enjoy.

  3. Too bad about the dust. That amount of it would make even this reluctant duster reach for the dusting tools. Great work on the quilt though! It looks wonderful. I hope you get the borders to look how you'd like.

    Wish I could see the fireworks. Enjoy!

  4. I'm sure your sister would allow you to substitute a BIG box of chocolates every month for the next 20 years rather than take that beautiful quilt from you! (I'd keep it myself too!!!)
    As we would say in Texas, "That's quite a boat show!" May your Navy always be strong! ---"Love"

  5. Your quilt is so gorgeous, I would keep it, too. It's hard to give something that wonderful away. A big box of chocolates should cover it! What a great tribute to the Navy!

  6. It will have to be a mighty BIG box of chocolates!! Oh my, your quilt is superb!! I am so with must, must, MUST keep this beauty!! Now about Sydney....there is not a prettier harbour in the whole world!! Happy stitching....and (dusting)!!

  7. Wow, Ann! Now that's some dust. Your quilt is going to be a show stopper! Your sis must be a very special sister. Can't wait to see the finished piece. What a great celebration for the Navy! That will be a sight to behold!

  8. I love those blocks and I'm sure your sister will love it - if she gets it, that is! Those patriotic military displays are wonderful to see, so congratulations to them for 100 years of service!

  9. mmmmm love the quilt. I think chocolates sound like a lovely pressie for your sister.

  10. Chocolates.... You eat them in a second and they stay for an year on your "waist and hip".... and I´m sure your sister prefers a wonderful star quilt like this one!
    Quilts are forever!

  11. The quilt is beautiful. I love the colors. I love that it is soft looking but with a very pretty pattern. Great job. I often have trouble parting with my quilts once they are done. ;) That is some dust storm. And I hate to dust so I would be really unhappy.
    Congrats to the Navy and thank you for serving. My Dad was a 20 year Navy man here in the US

  12. Dust? I don't have any of that. Nope. The quilt is beautiful - I can see why you'd rather part with a box of chocolates! She better be a pretty good sister to get something that good...

  13. Oh my and I thought I had a dust problem!!! Maybe not! That quilt is lovely Ann!!

  14. Your quilt is absolutely lovely. It will be stunning when it is completed.


  15. Love this quilt. The colors and the balance is so pleasing. Ahhh dust -I feel your pain as you know from the plaster dust during renovation. I had to just give up.


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