Friday, January 17, 2014


If you receive an email from me with a link please treat it as SPAM!

I apologise if this happens. I have reported the issue to Yahoo.

I was going to post a link to an article about how this stuff became the word for nasty email but perhaps I'd better not.


  1. I did get one but it went to spam ! Crazy!

  2. I got one as well which was immediately deleted as that's just not you! This has happened to me and it meant that my email had been hacked and I had to change all my passwords-yuck! Why do these folks want to feed off of the rest of us?

  3. I got it too, but it went to my spam, and I deleted it without opening the link. No problem --- so far anyway. If people would spend as much time working as they do figuring out how to hack in, they could get get a good job and get off welfare! After all, it must take more than average brains to accomplish the hacking! ---Nice picture of the really good Spam, which I love! ---"Love"

  4. I didn't get one yet..but I will be on the look out.
    When I was very young we lived in Cairo, Egypt and not alot of fresh meat was available. I remember eating lots of Spam. :)

  5. So far I have not received anything but will just delete it if I get something. I agree, if these people would invest as much effort into doing something productive as they do into disrupting others lives this world would be a lot nicer place. Now, I'm with Love and Beth, I love Spam. It brings back lots of good memories of the days I spent volunteering with the Boy Scouts. I like it plain out of the can and fried! ! !


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