Saturday, May 24, 2014


found on Pinterest

Some folks are just too clever by half.

That said, I haven't been around much lately (okay four months since the last post) so perhaps this is old hat.

When I think of all the times I have dropped my roll of binding on the floor. 

You know it's been far too long since I spent time at the sewing machine. Something I should rectify soon.

I've really missed it.

Hope you are making better headway with your projects.


  1. Hello Ann, I have missed you in blog land. Hope you are well. Thats a great ides for the binding.

  2. I was wondering where you had disappeared to; you have been sorely missed!! Isn't that a great idea for the binding. It certainly would make binding a quilt so much easier. I hope you get some time to stitch at your sewing machine very soon!!

  3. Missed you too!

    Great idea for binding, thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi Ann. Good to hear from you. I hate those times when sewing isn't happening. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest that I get lost just looking and looking....think that has anything todo with not getting sewing done? hmmm :)

  5. Indeed you have been missed! Glad to know you haven't fallen of the bottom of the earth! That little gadget looks like it would really be a great help. Think I'll see If I can get one made! Sure would like to see some more of your beautiful work! ---"Love"

  6. Glad to see you here again. I hope you manage a bit of playtime at the machine soon and share your progress when you do. Thanks for sharing the pinterest find - I have a quilt that will need binding in the next couple of weeks and I'm definitely going to try this!

  7. Great to hear from you! If I had one of those extension tables I would definitely try this idea!

  8. Why did'nt I think of that...... ? Hugs from Lena :)

  9. mmmm I was thinking of thinking of that!


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