Sunday, June 15, 2014


With winter finally here good and proper (top temps are 60-65F - yes, stop laughing) this is the brightest thing around these parts.

And I was worried that this was going to be too *loud*. It's just the tonic for a grey, dreary day.

Other things to do today include making a boiled pumpkin fruit cake and some prune and pumpkin muffins after a friend brought around a giant Jarrahdale Grey Pumpkin.

These beauties are a challenge to cut as they have a tough skin with a firm flesh. Average weight is 13-17 pounds.

They have a good flavour;  great for roasting or a curry as the flesh will hold its shape but probably not really sweet enough for a pumpkin pie. 

Hope your weekend is a fruitful one!


  1. Great job! it's going to be so pretty when you finish. I'm really glad you're having time to stitch! The pumpkin looks interesting-I don't think I've seen that variety before. Enjoy the yummies!

  2. Yes! Quite a bit done and very pretty at that! Good looking pumpkin and sounds good.

  3. Hmmm I like pumpkin anything. :) You EPP is looking great.

  4. That quilt is not too loud at all - it's just beautiful! And I am laughing a bit at your "cold" temps. It was 47F here yesterday morning and we're heading into summer!

  5. Bright and beautiful! I love it! The pumpkin goodies sound good too! It's about summertime here in North Texas --- I think about 92F today, but a nice breeze. Still 87F at 9:30 PM. ---"Love"

  6. Winter in Australia now and pumpkins . I wish it was fall right now here in California . Fall is my favorite time of year


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