Sunday, June 22, 2014


Yesterday was the shortest day of the year for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere and the sun shone brightly as if in celebration.

I spent the later part of the afternoon working on my EPP project. Yep, that's the messy back. I use plastic covered paper clips to hold my pieces together.

It's just over a quarter size but already it's becoming a little difficult to wrangle. Not sure if I should make four quarters and then stitch them together or keep working in rows.

One shouldn't rush these decisions. Perhaps coffee and cake will help. Happy Stitching!


  1. I guess it was our longest day.

  2. Officialy summer here, and I must say quilting has slowed down considerably with the arrival of heat. I'm glad somewhere else is coming into quilting weather!

    I suppose if you made smaller sections then sewed those together, you would be dealing with difficut wrangling only while joining the sections rather than at every seam?

  3. Smaller sections sounds good to me, but with my luck, I'd probably put the sections together backward! Your decision-making process sounds good to me! *wink* ---"Love"

  4. It was the longest day here, but I'm not sure our weather was as beautiful as yours! I would also vote for smaller sections, so long as you have a place to lay things out and make sure you're getting it all together right. I like the idea of using paper clips to hold pieces while you sew. Though EPP is not my favorite, I'm going to remember that trick in case I find myself needing that technique in the future. But it sounds like your project is coming along quickly if it's too large to wrangle already. You'll be done in no time!

  5. Good you are making progress! I have an EPP project that I started more than 10 years ago and I have worked on it during the last year a little - even during our trip to Oregon, but just can't work up any enthusiasm for it now. I didn't really plan it very well and now I'm not sure my red border is going to work right. I really need to lay it out and try to figure it out. :-)

  6. In my opinion cake helps with almost everything. LOL I do think if you do sections then put the sections together it makes it easier.

  7. Sounds like sections are the way to go, that should make it more manageable. No matter what, cake will make the planning easier!

    We just got home from a three week trip and I'm trying to get caught up with everything.


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