Saturday, July 5, 2014


Thought you might like to see what winter looks like Down Under.

Or Spring . . . 
 Or Summer . . .

Or Autumn . . .

It's colder than it looks. Honest!

A nice bowl of soup and some crusty bread for dinner is just the ticket. I'll be making this . . .

Meanwhile, I'm sewing more of these . . .

 So that I can make more of these . . .
Happy 4th July to my USA bloggy friends! Have a S'mores for me!


  1. So looking forward to the warmer weather

  2. Great post Ann, wish I was at the beach right now. I love your stars, they look so cute and little.

  3. Lovely beach…scrumptious soup…and quilting…what could be better?

  4. Love that beach, no matter what season, it looks inviting! You have some lovely fabrics to work with and that soup looks yummy! Can you let us know the recipe? Have fun with your project, it looks wonderful so far!

  5. Smile:) Love your seasons!

    Will you share the soup recipe? And continued progress on the star quilt? Your stars look fabulous.

  6. Nice beach; sorry it's too cold to enjoy now. Those little stars are absolutely twinkling! I'm about ready for lunch; wish I had a bowl of that soup! ---"Love"

  7. The beach looks beautiful. your stars are looking awesome!

  8. Ha, ha! You are too funny Ann! Actually reminds me of San Diego-the beach in winter looks the same as in summer minus most of the people, :)) I'm looking forward to weather cold enough for soup- I just don't get the whole cold soup thing-that looks really yummy! Glad to see you are stitching away, looking forward to seeing the quilt finished!

  9. That soup looks yummy, even if it is summer here. But from what you've said, your winter is like our spring and fall, so I don't feel too bad for you that it's "cold" there. (It's all about what you get used to, I know.) And the quilting project looks like it's coming along nicely. Maybe it will be done in time to keep you warm in the coming summer? :)

  10. The beach is wonderful any time of the year. The soup and bread look wonderful for any time of the year too!! Love your stars!!!!


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