Sunday, February 8, 2015


Remember those little scraps from  my last post? Look what happened! Tilt your head a little as the block is supposed to be on point.

See - that worked!

I was thinking *table mat* or *wall-hanging* but then I saw this block  - Solomon's Temple - and well, you know how these things go.

Except for one small hiccup.

You see this is the second block I made. The first one didn't go quite as well.

Oh dear, I obviously wasn't focussed on the task or the pattern for that matter. Realised far too late that I hadn't put it together properly.

I have passed the point of no return and won't be unpicking this block. I can live with it. I'm not aiming for perfection here.


  1. They both look good to me, but then I didn't have a particular idea in mind starting out! It's frustrating to have one end result in mind, then blink and find your work doesn't match it. I'm sure everything will look fine when it's all together. Enjoy the process!

  2. Just a little hiccup there! Both blocks look good to me. Sometimes done is much better than perfect. Have fun with it!

  3. Are you sure I didn't make the lower one? Looks like something I might have done, but I could surely live with it too! I doubt anyone will notice it, but if they do, tell them you made it that way on purpose just to see if anyone really looks that closely at your work.. *giggle* ---"Love"

  4. I would never notice anything different about the two blocks! I would just think what a lovely piece! Sometimes it's only a mistake to the quilt maker.

  5. I like it:) I like quilts that have one thing off about them:)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. You could make the remaining blocks (not sure how many you need) half and half so it looks planned! But I agree with the others, they're beautiful and there is no need to worry if one isn't the same as the others.

  7. They are both very pretty the way they are and I agree with Katie - no need to worry if they all aren't perfect.

  8. The blocks are beautiful. I am not sure I ever would have noticed if you hadn't "pointed" out the difference.

  9. Oh my.... i love your block and all the gorgeou fabric use :)


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