Sunday, July 19, 2015


Now that the Park Avenue Rosettes quilt is at the long arm quilter, my attention has turned to another UFO - the charity quilt I started last year.

This is a Quilt-As-You-Go project of my own design. Three more connecting strips to be quilted then I can stitch it all together.

It's quite a large quilt and I thought I'd used up most of the star prints, yet there is a mountain of fabric leftover. I'm sure it breeds and multiplies if left in storage for too long.

Since this is a scrap busting year (given just how much fabric I have, I'll be stash-busting for the next 20 years!), I thought I'd make a couple of extra projects from all the leftover star prints. Most of it is skinny strips about 1 3/4in to 3 inches.

Can't give too much away as these are gifts for a dear friend who visits this blog and I'd like some element of surprise.

Last weekend it snowed in the Blue Mountains which are about 55 miles (90km) west of where I live. 

Image courtesy of the Blue Mountains Gazette, Sunday 19 July, 2015
 A whole 4-6 inches of the stuff!

(for those of you in Northern America, Europe, Canada and Tasmania, the guffawing can stop now thank you very much)

Of course, it doesn't snow all that often around these parts or for very long (a day or two at best) so we aren't equipped with snow ploughs, salt or any other snow-busting devices. As a result 4-6 inches of snow means the whole area grinds to a halt. 

I live about 22 miles (35km) from the coast so no chance of snow here but my-oh-my was it cold! About 11-13 degC (52-55F)

(enough giggling already!)


  1. It sure has been cold Ann, we have had such frosty mornings, its hard to get out of bed. Your quilt is beautiful, Happy Quilting.

  2. I am so drawn to star fabrics. I can't wait to see what you are making, so far just the little peek looks fantastic! With 90 degree temps in New Mexico, the snow does look fun! Stay warm and quilt!

  3. Wow....all that snow...and I thought it was freezing down here!! The whole of eastern Australia has been deluged with Old Man Winter; 'tis so, so COLD!! But....on a warmer note, your quilt is lovely, Ann. It is strange how fabric stashes never seem to disappear, isn't it.

  4. Wonderful projects! Does not matter the amount of snow it can dangerous for folks driving on it. Common sense says bring all to a halt! No giggling here;-)

  5. I'm come to the conclusion that using up the scraps it never going to happen, but I still continue to save them. Your quilts look lovely so far!

  6. We Texans understand a snow shut-down for sure; we are not prepared with all the snow removable equipment either! I'm sure you know I love your star quilts; stars and R/W/B always grab my attention. Be sure to show us how you put those pretty quilted blocks together, okay? ---"Love"

  7. That snow would be lovely right now... alas, I'll just stay in the AC while I can with the temps hovering too high for me to function. Snuggle down in a quilt and keep warm =) Looking forward to seeing the final QAYG.

  8. Love the quilt! All the different prints play nicely together and the different quilting makes things really pop! Good luck with the stash busting! I don't have a very big stash and I can already see that I'll never use it up!

  9. Love the colors and the quilt! Could you share what Quilt as You Go pattern book you used? I have not found one that doesn't have you standing on your head under water! Would love to try quilt as you go! And what an encouragement to us all to use our stash!!

  10. 4-6 inches of snow does the same thing to us here in the southern US.


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