Sunday, February 5, 2017


Still using up the small pieces from this scrap bag. A mug rug and some pincushions. Unbelievably I still have enough fabric leftover to make a baby quilt.

It's been dreadfully hot here and I haven't felt much like sewing so these little projects are keeping me going.

Making some no-bake slices (bars?) for morning tea at work this week. The old favourites - lemon coconut, continental, choc-peppermint and ginger caramel.

Lemon Coconut Slice -

Continental Slice -
Choc Peppermint Slice -
Ginger Caramel Slice -


  1. The mug rug and pin cushions are lovely! And the snacks are yummy looking. Can you send me a couple pieces?

  2. At least you're sewing something; that's more than I'm doing! Wish I had one of each of those goodies right now! ---"Love"

  3. The slices look yummy! I'm glad to see you sewing! I have to get at that as well.

  4. Your pin cushions are very cute. Isn't it interesting how using up scraps never seems to deplete the scrap pile? Your bars look scrumptious. I need to go visit a few of the listed recipe websites now!

  5. Well aren't you industrious....I will have to try those no bake options.

  6. Love how you are using your scraps! And the slice bars look heavenly! Try and find a cool spot to hide!

  7. Wow - had to check out the recipes. Those look so yummy! Might have to make one or two!


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