Saturday, June 24, 2017


Image courtesy of Visit NSW

I had reason to travel to the beautiful Hunter Valley recently - renowned for its vineyards, Angus beef cattle, thoroughbred horses and coal.

The mines aren't quite so pretty as this but the whole valley is one outrageously large coal deposit. Quality ore. Which we dig up and sell around the world.

Let's just stick with the pleasant images, shall we?

I stayed in a beautiful historic home, now a bed & breakfast. Segenhoe Inn is a classic Colonial Georgian two storey built in 1837 from the same gorgeous sandstone used to construct so many Australian colonial buildings. The Hunter Valley was settled not that long after the settlement of Australia in 1788.

The walls are about 12 inches thick with the door jams and skirting boards made from wide planks of Australian red cedar felled from the area. Large rooms, high ceilings, big comfortable beds -  it has the lot. There is also a cosy cafe at the back.

In nearby Scone, there was a terrific restaurant - The Cottage - housed in another heritage property. Delicious food!

It was nice to catch up with family, many of whom I haven't seen for far too long.  On the way home I stopped in at Glendoon Patchwork Cottage.

Fabrics at Glendoon Cottage Patchwork
I know, I know. I'm supposed to be quilting from the stash but . . . .

Well, there was such a lovely selection of Civil War Reproduction fabrics that I just had to collect a few for my quilt.

This is a good time of the year to visit another historic town - Morpeth - so I might just have to call in to Glendoon again.


  1. What a lovely place you stayed at. I love Morpeth....I wonder if it has changed any in the last 10 years or so. I think one always needs to be on the lookout for fabric, and acquire a little more. Otherwise what is the point of living. =)

  2. What a treat...was the inside of the B&B as good as it looks from the outside...I hope so

  3. What a lovely place where you stayed! Nice quilt store you visited too. I guess fabric is displayed much the same the world over. Glad you got some really pretty fabrics too! ---"Love"

  4. I shall have to begin a list of places to go and stay!

  5. What neat buildings...i have a thing for old buildings... Nice loot from the quilt shop also - are we going to see something made with it soon? 😁

  6. I would love to stay in that Bread & Breakfast!

  7. Such lovely old buildings, that quilt shop looks so inviting. Love your new fabrics.

  8. It all looks wonderful! I love old historic buildings and staying in one is extra special! Sometimes, one's stash just isn't enough!

  9. Looks like a very inviting part of the world and it sounds like you enjoyed a bit of pampering! I don't think anyone can fault you for the fabric purchase :)When you see the right fabric for a project, you just can't dither about it because it might not be there later!


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