Sunday, July 2, 2017


I love those makeover shows on tv and not just because I'd like them to give my place one.

You might remember this block from a few posts ago. Well, I wasn't really happy with it. Not just because the points were off (I'm not a perfectionist by the way but these were irritating), I also wasn't keen on the lack of contrast.

So this block got a makeover.

Number Seven
That's much better! I'm not a big fan of unpicking but it was well worth it. Same with this block.
Number Six
For some reason, I didn't check the size of the four units that make this block. They weren't 6 1/2 inches at all (which might explain why this block looked whacky the first time around) so I unpicked, trimmed and resewed.

This is the sixth and final block of the six Kelli H gave me. Now I need to make five more (the other one above is number seven) so that I have twelve in total.

Searching Pinterest I found this block:

Hey Ruth - does this look familiar?
Yep, it's from Ruth's blog Country Log Cabin Quilter way back in 2012! Here's my version

Number Eight
The background fabric print has been washed out by the flash (it's a bit dark in the sewing room today). Thanks Ruth! I need designs that look good on point and this is just the ticket.



  1. I like your make overs! Very nice indeed!

  2. I'm not a big fan of ripping seams, but sometimes it's the best course of action. You're well on your way to a gorgeous quilt.

  3. Great makeovers. Much better contrast on that first block.

  4. Your fabric choices are really pretty in these blocks, and your piecing looks perfect to me! When your quilt top is finished, there will be no need to tell anyone you had to rip at all; they would never believe it anyway. You are going to have a beautiful quilt! ---"Love"

  5. The fabrics were recognizable before I even scrolled all the way down!! I'm very good at ripping - Ugh!! Your blocks look great!

  6. I can't believe you took them apart and made them over!! You have way more patience than me, though they do look great!

  7. Beautiful! The makeovers look great. I love all of your fabric choices, too!


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