Sunday, July 23, 2017


Whilst making the block for the CW Fabric quilt (I really need a new name for this thing), there were various offcuts sitting on the sewing table.

Seemed like a good idea to make them into something. A mat and a pincushion, as a thank you to the delightful Kelli whose thoughtful  gift started the ball rolling on this project.

These beauties and a box of treats are making their way State-side and should arrive soon.  

In the meantime, I've been prowling the internet for ideas on how to layout the 12 inch blocks I've made. I couldn't find the BOM pattern the original six blocks were from, but I did find this . . . 

I just knew this would be the layout when I tracked back the image to a blog by another girl named Kelli. Same spelling and all!

The pattern is a Lori Smith design. I found the pattern here at From My Heart to Your Hands. Lori has designed the quilt with 10 inch blocks but mine are 12 inches. I'm working on that centre medallion using 2 inch (finished) blocks. Wanna see?

Hey Leanne! Recognise the fabrics in that centre star?
It looks like piecing the top is going to be tricky, as I discovered when I found this on Quilt in Style's blog.

Reproduced by kind permission of Quilt in Style
There are quite a few mitred and Y seams there. I also don't like my chances of finding a border print for those outside blocks but I could make my own pieced version.

Plenty of challenges ahead!


  1. That setting is amazing and got me to thinking. I have 12 12" blocks from Barbara Brackman's Westering Women a while back. I was thinking about just making 4 more blocks and then setting them on point with a solid block between them, however, this setting is a lot better. How large is your center medallion going to be? Please post more about this as you go. I might decide to use this as well. Did you figure out how large it will be with the 12" blocks? I wanted mine to be big enough for a queen size bed.

    1. I think one of my 12 inch blocks is a Westering Women saved from Pinterest. The original quilt is 63.5 inches square. I'll start measuring up to see how big it will be. Certainly the largest quilt I have ever made.

  2. The mat and pincushion are darling! Isn't it fun to use up the leftovers in such a cute project. Love the layout your are thinking of for the CW blocks, it is stunning. I will be watching for updates on this project!

  3. What a precious gift. And that quilt project will be stunning.

  4. That quilt is going to be a beauty! I love the use of your scraps...I've gotten better at using mine, but have a long way to go before they're gone!

  5. Wow, what an amazing quilt you are going to stitch. Y seams and me just do not get on. I am sure you, oh talented one (who pieces pretty much perfectly) will do brilliantly. As for the mat and pincushion, just lovely.

  6. Gorgeous Quilt! You do such lovely, intricate work. I'm sure Kelli will lover her new mat and pincushion!

  7. Yes Everyone I just received my package and the mat and pincushion are LOVELY!! Thank you dear Ann you are so clever and they are beautifully done! What an encouragement to all of us to use up our scraps!

  8. Silly me I forgot to say that I love the layout you have picked and would love to help you find the border fabric!

  9. That's a lovely use of offcuts. I'm sure Kelli will love them. As for your choice of setting for your blocks - wow! This is going to be a spectacular quilt. Press on!


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