Tuesday, October 3, 2017


No sewing here for a while after I tripped over my own feet and hurt my wrist. No major injuries but some soft tissue damage and possibly some chipped bone. X-rays will no doubt reveal all.

So instead, I went out shopping for backing fabric to finish some long outstanding quilt tops when the wrist is back to normal.

Went to Spotlight (sort of like JoAnn's) and was amazed at all the fabrics on display. The quilting section is still small but I did find fabrics for the Crackle Quilt. This was made from some fat quarters cut into layer cake squares. 

a design by aneela hoey
better colours in this image
I also found a plain dark teal green for this quilt which picks up the dark teal green in those squares. This was made from a charm pack and some plain co-ordinating fabric.

a quilt for Aussie Hero Quilts
. . . and because nothing else stitchy is happening in these parts, here are some pictures of what's flowering in my garden despite temps being in the high thirties (yes, I know it's meant to be Spring) and there's been no appreciable rain for about two months.

Gardening on the edge people.
a pink climbing geranium
miniature rose - a $1.50 bargain at the local garden centre years ago

budding bottlebrush
blooming bottelbrush
The bees and native birds love the nectar these produce. This one flowers right outside the sewing room window.


  1. Hope your wrist feels better soon so you can get back to having fun sewing! The backing fabrics are very pretty, perfect for the tops waiting to be finished. Your flowers are beautiful, fall is here and time to get my garden ready for winter. Take it easy so you can heal!

  2. Lots of pretty fabric colors there! Hope you feel like cutting and sewing soon; hand injuries are no fun at all, are they? Your flowers are beautiful. I've never seen a bottle brush flower before. I'm going to have to do some investigating for one around here. ---"Love"

  3. Love the backing fabrics, almost as much as I love the quilts! Hope the wrist is better soon so stitching can be done! Flowers are lovely, gardening almost anywhere is a challenge!

  4. What to do when one trips and hurts one's wrist....well shop for fabric of course; loving what you bought. I love your thinking, Ann. LOVE that pretty teal quilt. I am insanely jealous of your climbing geranium. Geraniums simply will not exist down here at my place. They shrivel up and die at Jack Frost's evil hands. Hope that wrist of yours heals quickly and you can get back to some stitching.

  5. I hope your wrist heals quickly! I can relate to getting tangled up. I was watering some plants and I got tangled up in the hose and went down. A week earlier I stepped back and ran into the coffee table and went down - twice this year that makes. Hope you can get back to sewing soon. The 2 quilt tops look great! Good to get backings to get things lined up for when you can sew again.

  6. I hope your wrist is better!! Climbing geranium!!! Do we have those here??? I must check!


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