Sunday, November 19, 2017


November's colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is  DARK.  I've made two blocks.

Linking up with Angela's 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2017 here.

It's just about all the sewing I've managed to do around here. The wheels seem to fall of my wagon in October and November. Work becomes super busy and weekends vanish before I've had a chance to enjoy them.

Still, I am determined to stay on track with the RSC Challenge and plan to have at least the top put together before Christmas.

Thought I'd share a picture of my pretty Jacaranda tree in full bloom. (that's my lemon and bay trees in the foreground).  It's looking a bit old and tired these days but I adore the purple carpet of blooms at its it feet. 

Other than that, I've only had enough time to make some Aussie meat pies. The One Pot Chef on Youtube has an excellent tutorial. I make my own shortcrust pastry for the bottoms but use store-bought puff pastry for the tops ;

Traditional mincemeat for Fruit Mince Pies. We enjoy the first of the season after decorating the Christmas tree on the first weekend in December;
Image reproduced with kind permission of BBC Good Food

and; Microwave Lemon Curd using the recipe from My Baking Addiction

Image reproduced with kind permission of My Baking Addiction
That's all from me for now!


  1. Those dark blocks are very striking! The fabric color arrangement creates an interesting design also. Your tree is absolutely beautiful; wish I had one like that! Wish I had that pie for lunch too! I've been thinking about making some mincemeat; may have to try that recipe. I've never made lemon curd, but may have to try that recipe too! ---"Love"

  2. Lovely dark blocks, Ann. I miss the beautiful blue of Jacaranda trees at this time of the year. I don't ever see any down here. Thank you for the link for the lemon anything with lemon.

  3. Nice use of your DARK scraps for the RSC!!

  4. I like the dark blocks, such pretty fabrics for your design. I can't wait to see all these blocks made into a quilt! The tree is so beautiful and I love the wonderful color. Food looks yummy, enjoy!

  5. I love your Jacaranda tree!! You have been busy! I've never made lemon curd. What do you like to do with it?


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