Sunday, September 23, 2018


This is Crackle Quilt. A 2011 design by Aneela Hoey which caught my eye after I found a layer cake of fabrics at Spotlight which did the same.

It's been waiting patiently for some attention much like my other projects - neglected but not forgotten. I shan't offer any excuses for not sewing a stitch these past months but I have been sustained by all the wonderful projects you have been making and sharing.

I enjoyed my time in the sewing room yesterday. The feel of the fabric in my hands. The rhythmic click of the needle and the snips of scissors.

This is a finished top now and will soon be left in the tender care of the longarm quilter to work her magic. I'm looking forward to sewing on the binding .

These Solomon's Temple blocks were pressed and refreshed as well. Only one more block to finish before I start to piece these together in to something more substantial.


  1. Welcome back! That's going to be a very pretty quilt! I hope to get back soon too. I've missed hearing from you! ---"Love"

  2. Two beautiful quilts in one post? You're back!!!! Yay!!!!

  3. How lovely to visit your sunny place again, Ann. I have missed seeing what you have been stitching. The Crackle quilt is fun and colourful and your Solomon Temple blocks are lovely with their muted and pastel shades. It is such a delight to visit you again.

  4. I love both of your projects! The fabrics in Crackle are beautiful and the other blocks will make a beautiful quilt, too.

  5. Love the Solomon's Temple blocks and your colour choices


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