Saturday, June 1, 2019


They are not called The Snowy Mountains for nothing
The ski season here in Australia started early when 40-50cm of snow fell on the mountains this week. I live a long, long way away from this winter wonderland but the cold winds blow all the way to Sydney.

Which means I get to wear my coats and scarves and gloves! For the morning at least.

After a couple of hectic weeks, I managed to organise some time in the sewing room which needed a serious tidy before any real stitching could begin.

When I resized the original Miss Rosie pattern, I miscalculated a wee bit and soon began to realise that the original 36in quilt was going to be around 100 and something inches. Yikes!

So I've split the project into two quilts. I even have a name chosen for this one. Not tellin' yet.


  1. I've had math days like the twin size quilt the ended up queen size... But hey, extra quilt!! I'm glad to see you've carved out some sewing time, but not glad to see that snow. We've finally started getting reliably springlike temperatures after about 6 false starts and I am in no way ready for another winter just yet! I just hope we get a spring because this happened last year, too, and we went right into hot summer humidity and that was no fun. I look forward to seeing your quilting progress and hope you're able to carve out more time now that the cooler months have arrived for you.

  2. That snow is beautiful but don't really want to experience it here for six or seven months! I love the fabrics you are using in your quilt, so pretty. Quilt math can sometimes be surprising. I always go over resizing a pattern many times before I feel like I have it right, then sometimes I still get surprised! I hope you have more time to quilt in the coming months!

  3. Lovely snow picture! I love the fabrics in your quilt(s)! Pink and brown are one of my favorite combinations.

  4. Ha! My math was way off on the graduation quilt as well. Two quilts will be fun... can't wait to see what you name them. My area needs a clean and that I have the top together it is time I guess.

  5. know my thoughts about Winter and snow, mind you I do love scarves, boots, aran jumpers and gloves......and hot soup. =) I am loving this quilt. Love the colours and fabrics.

  6. I'm drooling over those fabrics and those blocks. They are stunning and calming all at the same time. How wonderful that you'll get two quilts from them!


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