Sunday, July 12, 2020


Based on Lori Kennedy's trials, I decided to give these markers a go. Here's my sample piece marked with the dark blue fine point marker.

I deliberately chose the dark colour and to really test it, left it to dry for four hours. Normally I would wash a marker out as soon as I had finished quilting.

I only rinsed out quickly under cold running water. This was the result.

I have circled a couple of  very small areas of residue which washed out after another run under the tap.

Feeling reasonably confident with the results, I decided to mark up one of the quilt blocks using the light blue marking pen. Here's the block marked and pinned ready to quilt.

You can clearly see the marks. Here's what the block looks like after quilting and a good rinse. The block was air dried.

I have to say that I'm impressed. The markers do what they say - wash out in cold water. The whole packet of markers cost just over $4 compared with the $12 paid for the Hemline water erasable pencil. Which didn't.

Here's a reminder . . . 

After rinsing and marked with Hemline's Water Erasable Pencil
 Lesson learned.

Disclaimer: Please check the markers on your fabrics before use. 

. . . ann . . .


  1. Thanks for the update! It is good to know of an inexpensive solution to the issue. Now you can continue with the quilting and it is such a lovely block!

  2. Holy wow! It seems incredible that there are markers made, targeted at quilters and sewists, that are so inferior to something made and marketed to children (or rather parents of messy children!) and still cost so much more. But regardless, I'm glad you had such success and look forward to more blocks being finished and finally a quilt for you! It's going to be a beauty!

  3. Your blocks are beautiful! So glad the Crayola markers worked for you; that good news for all of us! I'll have to add those to my next shopping list! ---"Love"

  4. Thank you for testing that out! I know I had purchased some fine tip washable markers... I'll have to find them again and try them out.

  5. There are colors that you will want to be extra careful with using on your quilts! I've heard the red (?) and orange can be problematic. My advice? TEST before using on any quilt.

    1. Yes, that's what Lori said. Stick to the blues, greys and browns. I'll definitely test first.

  6. Thanks for sharing your tests. Good to know these are a good option. And yes, I will always test first!

  7. Thank you for this tip, Ann. I spend a fortune on those quilt marking pens.


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