Saturday, July 4, 2020


I am loving my new machine and quilting on it is a dream.  I just threaded it, dialled in the recommended settings and started sewing. No tension issues, even stitches( mostly) and FMQ on the individual blocks has been a lot easier then wrangling a whole quilt.

Only one set back. . . 

See those blue lines? They are supposed to be water soluble. As in water. And soluble. Yeah right. More like water resistant.

This is the culprit.

It says it right there. On the packaging. Water Soluble. Easily removable. To be fair it doesn't say what kind of water. Perhaps I should have used Evian. Or Mineral. Or Spring. Or Holy. 

Tap water? That's a Nope.

After saying a few choice words I checked the internet for a remedy and came across a suggestion to use baby wet wipes. I was sceptical but had a packet of ordinary wet wipes in the cupboard so tried those.

Surprisingly, they actually worked. Completely removed in some places, not all and not great where I've stitched over the markings but much better than the image above.

If only I'd checked out Lori Kennedy's blog post on markers, I would have learned that Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers are some of the best to use (not the red, yellow or orange ones).

So, I'm going to buy some and test them on a sample piece. I'll let you know the results or you can head over to Lori's blog and see how she fared.

Wishing those of you who do, a Happy Canada Day or Fourth of July.



  1. What a shame that pen ruined your pretty quilt! Just wondering--did you by chance press the blocks before trying to remove the marks with water? Sometimes the iron sets some markers. (Ask me how I know!) I like to use the Frixion pens, which do iron off! I wonder if Peroxide would help your problem; don't know; just wondering. Anyway, hope you do find a solution, and that you dispose of that pen! ---"Love"

  2. "That's a nope"...🤣🤣🤣 Maybe sparkling water? Or water from a glacier? You're funny. I hope you manage to get the remainder of the marks out because the quilt is looking great!

  3. The quilt looks lovely. I can imagine the sinking feeling you had when the blue didn't wash out. I'm glad the baby wipes helped a bit.

  4. What a pain to have those marks on your beautiful quilt. If I know you, you will find a solution. Fabulous you are enjoying your new sewing machine.


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