Monday, May 17, 2021



Working on a wee quilt for a new baby (not mine!). Simple row design and quilting. 

I basted this quilt using the pool noodle method but I'm not very impressed with it. The backing fabric wasn't staying smooth enough.  Perhaps I wasn't doing it right.

Thought I'd share my camellia blooms with you. They have been smothered in blooms this year.

Happy stitching . . . and gardening!


  1. Cute quilt-lucky baby! I tried the pool noodle method as well, I wasn't impressed either. Now all the pool noodles are at "The Farm"

  2. Adorable fabric! And pretty flowers. No advice about the noodles - I've never used them. But it stinks they didn't work very well for you. Who is the little one the quilt is for?

  3. That's a sweet baby quilt, and I'm betting the baby will never know the backing did not turn out perfectly. Your flowers are simply beautiful. I've never tried to raise camellias before. ---"Love"

  4. I really like that fabric combination, and the straight line quilting suits the fabric well, I think. Your flowers are gorgeous! We just finished tulip and daffodil season here. Everything is greening up, but not much is in bloom yet.

  5. Love the Australian fauna fabric, Ann. I have read about the noodle quilting didn't work?? A bummer you had trouble with it. I have just read your latest post re this sweet baby quilt finish. It is beautiful!


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