Sunday, May 30, 2021



A work colleague has become a first-time grandma and this simple quilt is for the new baby.

I found the pattern on Joey Blog - Simple Stripe Baby Quilt. Mine measures 36 x 42 inches. 

Lots of quilting so that it survives any amount of soaking and washing because it's a quilt that's meant to be used.

The "walking-foot" sewing machine needs a service which gives me a little time to decide which quilt top is next to be finished and how it will be quilted.


  1. The "first-time grandma" is going to love this sweet quilt for her grandbaby, Ann. Lovely pastel colours. Love the touch of mint among the grey and white fabrics. The animal print is sweet. A gorgeous finish!

  2. A great quilt for a baby - love that it is made to be used. I remember washing mine every other day and both kids still use their quilts 12+ years later.

  3. That's a perfect quilt for a little new-born. Sometimes we get too complicated on baby's first quilts, when the smooth, simple quilts work best for a new baby. I love it! No doubt it will be much loved and used! ---"Love"

  4. A sweet, perfect quilt and so kind of you to make for the first time grandma baby!


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